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New housekeeper from a new agency today. Within half an hour she said to me, "I have a very close personal relationship with god". Apparently I was in a charitable mood because I let it go at that it was not an appropriate topic of conversation. Had she pushed back, she would have been out the door pronto. In six hours, she got about half the job done and now I am cleaning up after her. She could not follow a written checklist of weekly tasks. Incompetent AND delusional, you just can't make this stuff up. Rant over. Thank you.

LovinLarge 8 Nov 29

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Hmmm, my housekeeper is very expensive, she cooks, cleans, keeps the house amazingly sparkling, and to top it off, as much as we can we have wild sex almost every night, she loves the arrangement but I love it even more! Oh, she's my wife btw.

Does she know you call her "my housekeeper" in public?

Can we get her take on this arrangement?

@AtheistInNC is this site "public" for you?

@1of5 sure, just ask her.

@Mofo1953 got contact info?

@1of5 like I would give her info to you. Dream on dude.

@Mofo1953 lol there's confidence for you!

@Mofo1953 If anyone can join, it's public.

And by the order and wording of your replies ... my guess is she is not a member here, and she wouldn't be happy reading your entry.

@1of5 totally.

@1of5, @AtheistInNC no shit, Sherlock!


I kinda wonder if some people feel they will get more forgiveness for a bad job if they strike a note of kindred spirits of the same religion or the label of a Christian or closeness to God to a non-religious or agnostic person. Not saying your housekeeper was trying to do that, but doing that often softens any criticism. Not with me, but for some. πŸ˜‰

Yes, I think that scenario is entirely possible. I suppose it's normal to look for commonalities with someone you've just met, more in social situation but there's probably some carryover. That takes me back to what I call "the presumption of christianity" a phrase I coined when I first moved back here from Canada. Thankfully that presumption is becoming less and less safe, like it was in this case.


I hear "have a blessed day" and may the lord bless and keep you" and stuff like that pretty regularly from the Jebus freaks. They're everywhere. I usually just ignore it rather than create a scene. However, if I were paying someone to perform a service for me and it was used, I'd make an issue of it and say something.

Do your job and leave Jezuz out of it.

And in my own house, no less! Imagine going into a stranger's house to do a job and instead of doing the job, telling them about your atheism or agnosticism without invitation. I'm not sure how much tolerance I have left in reserve.


Perhaps a good reply would be to say "Oh, okay...then you might want to avoid the closet in the guest bedroom (or whichever room) because that's where my altar to Satan is located."

A great reply! She would have flown out the door. When I told her my Assistant was coming at noon, she said she wasn't really comfortable with that. She was just weird in every respect. We are all weird in some way, but rarely every way.


That's a bit funny. Sorry for your frustration. The next housekeeper they send you will probably be a part-time nun or the choir leader at their church. πŸ˜€

Now I'm kind of afraid!


tell her agency that. she talked too much and her topics were not acceptable conversation. they need to train their employees. i woudn't allow that no more than i would allow someone to come in and smoke or talk on their cell phones the whole time. its your money. thats anew code word. i have aclose personal relationship with usually its jesus around here. its delusional crap from people who lack the intellect to understand what they think the believe. sounds like to me they use their crucifix to masturbate or something

Thank you, I'm going to call the agency in the morning. I will tell them what happened and remind them that I'm looking for professional not personal services. I'm pretty sure they will be on the same page but if not, they will get an earful. I'm so sick of religion repeatedly rearing its ugly head in my life just like any other bs.

@LovinLarge yeah trump has made the court irrelevant by putting that religious nutcase on. i am sick of these idiots thinking they know best for everyone


I'd bet she hoped you'd be sympathetic and thus give her a pass. I have sympathy for such people, but not on my dime.

Good point, thank you. Most housekeepers do the job in four hours. I would have accepted a reasonable effort but the at least part of the reason she didn't get the job done was because she talked too much. When I call her agency tomorrow morning, I am going to mention her religious reference as entirely inappropriate.


I guess one good thing could be you found out about it on day one πŸ€” instead of put on a show for about a month or two and then slack off completely, after all gezus will pick up the slack. πŸ˜‰

Excellent point, thank you. In the final analysis, I don't believe she could do the job so why prolong it.

On the upside, I just spoke with the agency. They said they will look for someone else right away. When they didn't respond specifically to my comment that one of the reasons the job didn't get done was because the housekeeper spent so much time talking about personal things like religion, I asked the lady directly for the company policy and she said the housekeepers were specifically instructed not to talk about such things. I feel somewhat better now.


Time for a new one

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 30, 2020

A new housekeeper, definitely. How the agency responds will determine whether it's time to move on from there, too.


If the agency take her side on religious grounds, you might quote the following at them.

2 Thessalonians 3:10-12
For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.

Nice one, thank you!


Oh, if she had a close personal relationship with god, she will be pregnant soon. I am told that, gods seed never fails.

That's all we need!


I read through the other comments, and see that she brought up both religion AND politics? Flat no, and certainly a call to the agency to tell them their staff need better training for being around the clients.
I am wondering if she may have seen anything in your home reflective of your atheism - symbols, documents, periodicals? That may have triggered her mission tendencies, or just fishing, and any of the above are not acceptable. Good on you in recognizing all of this and calling her out! If the agency supports evangelism they should make that apparent, allowing you to hire someone to just do the needed work. You certainly don't need that.
Best of luck!

Thank you very much for your support. She had not even seen the interior of the house when she started up, we were still sitting in the kitchen with me trying to give verbal instructions and her rambling off every which way. I interrupted her repeatedly to bring her back to discussing the job.

I went back through the agency literature and there is nothing about religion there, in fact they promise "care and services from the agency without discrimination based upon personal, cultural or ethnic preference".

@LovinLarge That agency definitely needs a stronger training agenda!

@tinkercreek You said it! One of the things the housekeeper rattled on about was how much training she'd recently done. It will be interesting to see how well-trained their next prospect is.


Not that I'm in a position to hire a housekeeper, even if I were, in these days of Covid I wouldn't want a stranger in my house if I could help it. I'd look to see if she did a good job. If she were an amazing worker, I'd overlook her gabby religious fervor. Being that she's not very good at her job, that would be the criteria that would make me ask for a different house cleaner.

Yes, she would have been welcome back if she'd done her job or even if I thought she could improve. The quality of the work was so poor that I don't even think she has the capacity to do the job. Here is a picture of a baking sheet that she took out of the dishwasher and put away in the cupboard.

@LovinLarge oh hell, I can do that shifty of a job for half the price, no problem.


She might have assumed that you were a Christian and because of that, you would cut her some slack.

I needed to have my porch roof replaced and a couple of years ago, called a local siding/awning company. The salesman came, give me an exorbitant bid, and explained to me how the owner of the company was a "good Christian man" as if that meant he were honest and fair.

Wrong tactic for me. It didn't help when he said that the economy was booming under Trump and was obviously a fan of the Cheeto. I did, however, tell him that I was probably going to go for the deal (I wasn't), but I needed to think about it overnight. He said that was fine. Next day, I texted him to let him know I decided against it. He already had the paperwork ready to go! He as that sure that we were going to do business. He even offered me 10% off.


He also told me that salespeople at the company didn't work on commission. If they didn't, why was he so anxious to seal the deal?

Good call. I would not have done business with them either.

Yesterday my Assistant who was here when the housekeeper was here told me that he thinks she slacked off on the job because I shut her down on religion. I would not have done anything differently. It was shut down the subject or shut down the delusion.

@LovinLarge If you had not shut her down, she would have prattled on and on and on . . .


I might have replied to her: And I have a mole on my belly, a little higher than my belly button.

What I really wanted to say was "no you don't" because I don't appreciate being lied to. I shouldn't have had to control what I said because it shouldn't have been said in the first place.

Thanks tor the chuckle though.


Always use the god card. Tell everyone how much of a believer your are and the you can screw up, not work, or do whatever because anyone calling you out is going against or appears to be going against god.

I hate even thinking about that, but it makes sense. On the upside, God stock is on the decline!

@LovinLarge just look at child molester. If it’s a priest he has a problem and with gods help we will fix it. Anyone else let’s just shoot them now. The belief in god protects. Sad but true


I guess her relationship is not close enough for god to help her with the cleaning ...

Pretty sure she is overestimating the strength of their relationship because she also spoke about a number of personal problems and for a supposed onmipotent being he is just not pulling his weight!


She talks to ghosts...should have been your first red flag

I suppose I can't say for certain that me shutting down religion as a topic of conversation wasn't related to the poor job she did but I'm prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt since I won't be dealing with her again.


Sorry about your experience. Those who tell me they have a close personal relationship with god might as well say it is the Easter Bunny. It means about the same to me. I do have a long time religious friend who can get into this pretty heavily and he thinks I'm just "angry at his god." They just do not get it. Back in my church daze it was testimony time once and a man stood up and told us he "was just back in the corner there talking to Jesus." I look back and wonder if this shit is real. Either way it does nothing to improve their cleaning ability.

The best housekeeper I've had was religious. She must have mentioned it in passing or I wouldn't have known but she never engaged me on the subject. She was very pleasant and I looked forward to her coming. She did an excellent job of cleaning my home.

I think I would just rather not know my housekeeper's position on religion and in my home, that should be my prerogative.


Not to play Devil's Advocate, but when I was a Bible-thumping theist, I was just as obsessively clean as I am today and I do nothing at a pace less than "why are YOU taking sooooooooooo long??? I'll do it!"

My point? Her close personal relationship with God really hasn't got a thing to do with her cleaning abilities. πŸ™‚

Specify next time that you prefer someone that's secular. Or even make it abundantly clear that you don't tolerate talk of religion in your home. The customer is always right if it's a good agency.

Exactly, her delusion of a close personal relationship with god doesn't have a thing to do with her cleaning abilities which is why it was inappropriate for her to mention it. You may be sure that she knew I meant business when I shut her down, but it also has nothing to do with why I am letting her go. I want my house cleaned, I don't care who does it but the onus us on them to conduct themselves appropriately. Thanks for your input.

@LovinLarge The onus is on YOU to specify what you will and will not accept in your home and what YOU deem "appropriate." They aren't mind readers and 80% of Americans wouldn't be bothered by here comment. In fact, most would have likely joined in with an "Amen." The onus is on you. They'll tell their staff to shut up. They want your money. They don't care about saving your soul. And if you're not someone they'd like to work for, they'll tell you that and you can look for a better fit. It's just business. But in America, business goes with religion like the near-theocracy it is. #justsayin

@SeaGreenEyez That might be how things would play out where you live but it's not an accurate assessment of these circumstances in the area I live. She also talked politics and that wasn't appropriate either because it's not relevant to the job, but more importantly it was her talking that kept her from getting the work done.

Are people generally receptive to you telling them what to do because I find it quite offensive. I was polite in my first response but now you are just being rude.

@SeaGreenEyez I completely agree with what you said. Unfortunately most people in this country are Christian and most of her customers probably appreciate knowing they have a Christian in their home.

Also, we know nothing about her situation. Perhaps she (the cleaning lady) lives alone and is lonely. Perhaps other customers appreciate the conversation so she thinks it’s expected?


Well, the old proverb says, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Seriously, try to be understanding. Working class people haven't had our education. And religion is their only apparent hope for a decent life sometime. Capitalism creates desperation...

I have a compromised immune system. The cleaner my house is, the longer I will live and there is no one to deal with my shit when I am gone. She put dirty dishes away in my cupboards which may have contaminated the other dishes.

She is being paid a living wage. I do as much as I can between cleaning days but can no longer do the heavy cleaning. I just can't settle for substandard housework under these circumstances but I know your heart is in the right place.

@LovinLarge You are definitely right to expect things to be cleaned the way you want them.


If you can clean up after her, why on all earth do you have anyone coming around to do it?

I sure have appreciated all the ideas and support, but I am not going to answer judgmental comments. It really isn't appropriate for someone who doesn't know my circumstances to second guess my judgment.

@LovinLarge It’s not a judgment, don’t get your knickers in a twist, it’s a question.

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