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Wall Street Begins Trading Water Futures as a Commodity


FearlessFly 9 Dec 10

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The Climate Reality Project (Al Gore) predicts this, along with Climate Refugees and Mass Starvation.


Just as I suspected (and finally out in the open) population growth. This has led to shortages and when the demand side goes up (which it will as long as our numbers go up, and the supply goes down then there will be competition and prices will rise. This will not only affect water but things that need water as food. I'm just glad I installed a rain harvesting system so am not affected for household water.


A wise predictor of the future said the next major wars would be fought not over oil or minerals, but over fresh water.
The only possible preventative would be access to enough energy for the bulk desalination of water.

Submarines have had, for decades, such a device, it is about the size of a dorm fridge, only deeper front to back. Works like a charm for unlimited amounts of time. Works on electricity (on subs, from electricity produced by the reactor, of course) & produces plenty of cooking & drinking for the entire crew.

So then the next wars can be fought over energy. remember, Enron?

@AnneWimsey But not enough to supply the demands of agriculture.

@Petter most plants can tolerate a bit of salinity. And perhaps farms could move to areas more friendly to the crop being grown...when has it Ever made sense to grow lettuce in the hottest part of Arizona, for example?

@AnneWimsey "a little bit of salinity" doesn't make much sense. Most water is in either a fresh or a saline state. What about farm animals? What about massive fields of essential crops? Without irrigation the world's food supplies would halve - and there is already starvation.


This should horrify everyone!!!. Think corruption in the natural resources industry, (such as oil) is bad, this will pale in comparison.


I don't know all the ways this is going to fuck shit up for us, but I know I'm terrified by this.


It will be manipulated by already wealthy sociopaths, resulting in higher prices and / or shortages down the line

Like Enron, but with water

But it is still our own fault.

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