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My profile photo is a radio show about religion where I made a statement that "religion cheapens life". The others jumped on me like I said Jesus was gay. But to my thinking if you believe there's an afterlife this one becomes trivial. Life is a miracle of nature, the result of billions of years of slow evolution. Believing that God created life takes away the appreciation and fascination of the natural world such that we look forward more to the next life than this one. Look at the way people treat the animals and the natural wonders of our Earth.

Aristippus 6 Dec 17

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Some religions are worse than others when it comes to cheapening life. I agree that a belief in an afterlife, particularly when offered as a reward, tends to not only devalue our existence on this planet, but the very planet itself. What need is there, after all, to conserve resources and protect the environment when your god is just going to wipe everything out and make it all brand new again?


Jesus MAY love us but he takes away our responsibility to save ourselves


All true... of religious fundamentalism. But not of “religion”.

skado Level 9 Dec 17, 2020

depends very much on how you define religion.



@LenHazell53 I'd define religion as the beliefs of the three major religions.

@Aristippus so that includes the belief that their respective holy books are the true word of god?


Any criticism is blasphemy, the only unforgivable sin.


I don't know Jesus wasn't gay.
There was the Disciple Jesus loved, who was resting his (or maybe her) head on his chest.
There was the naked youth that ran off when Jesus was being arrested, maybe the same guy?
Yea, a first century Jew that got to age 30 without ever getting married, I don't think so.
In the 1950's and 60's they called them "confirmed" bachelors, code for, "We know this guy is gay but he's still OK." Like Liberace, whom my step mother still doesn't believe was gay.

Christopher Marlowe 1564-1593 landed himself in deep trouble with the "Star Chamber" for claiming St. Peter was the "Alexis" of Jesus (what today we would call a bottom).
Some historians claim this accusation lead to him having to fake his own death at the age of 29.

Not that it's proof, but Liberace died of AIDS and neglected to inform in live-in boyfriend lover. Very incriminating.

@LenHazell53 I remember seeing Dr. Faustus as performed at the Globe where it was originally performed. I left the performance feeling sad that these people were so wrapped up in superstition and magical thought. What a waste or life and happiness.


I agree wholly with that. Indeed even the desire for religion means a failing to appreciate life and nature.


You mean that Jesus was not gay !?!?

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