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Just a friendly reminder that 16 hour work days Are an abomination. 12 hour work days are bad enough, but 16 feels more like a moment in A Clockwork Orange, rehabilitation scene: What? Doctor you brought toothpicks to help me keep my eyes open???! Doctor! I shutter to think!!

Yes, I aware this has zilch to do with anything Atheistic nor Agnostic. It's more so a half brain dead zombie like reaction to cry out to my kin in a time of distress and to say, "Fucking HELP!! Call my boss and tell him you desperately need me to help because your cat is giving birth and you need a nurse of obstetrics to assist you!!"

Thank you. Now, back to rowing in the slaveship with my comrades. sigh

Sadoi 7 Apr 12

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I agree. It is a disgusting display of our priorities as human beings creating what is considered society therefore considered normal.


Work keeps the Slaves busy and the Masters happy.

Well... they should be careful when opting to fuck with me since... i help bring their offspring into this jungle. 😉


You know I feel your pain, but with study instead of work.
I think I'd trade ya but ya know "the grass is always greener" and all that. 😛

Well, just as i stated repeatedly down below, im just bitching to bitch... haha! It was dinner break and sleepiness hit me, but the truth is, I really love my job. I receive so much gratification and joy from what I do.

I have such intense moments of strong emotion, despite knowing the line I must tread. I mean, to be a part of a team that ushers new life into the world is just... amazing... beyond words.

To see the look in the eyes of families as they meet their newest member for the first time is just... priceless. I feel as though each day I am honoured to share one of the most beautiful and special moments in a persons life... it cannot be replaced.

I may feel tired from time to time, that is only natural, but all that work... it culminates into a new life, living and breathing... what once wasn't there, suddenly IS... and i see those eyes opening for the first time... those tiny hands reaching... i hear those little cries, the first sounds of a human being... I find it so... unreal that I am fortunate enough to be a part of it... I can think of NOTHING i'd rather dedicate the rest of my working years to, fully. I am Devoted to this art... it is the most exhilarating experience... i couldnt want anything else, i think... 🙂


It isn't like you were going to do anything valuable with all that 'extra time'....16 hour work days are a way for jesus to keep you from walkin' through the devil's tulips! If you think that 16 hours is enough, work that seventeenth hour and you will keep the odor of free will from satan's nostrils!!!!

uh chill with my own kids? lol

ive worked into the 18th before. uuugh!

@Sadoi I have the worst boss ever....and he makes me work until I am exhausted...sleep where I fall! And wake up and start working bastard.

@JohnnyThorazine oooh!! Want me to go kick his ass??? 😈😠

@Sadoi I kick my ass daily...hehe...I work for myself...haha...but I appreciate the offer!...hehe!

@JohnnyThorazine well damnit... i was hoping there was some asshole out there in need of an ass kicking... other than trump and his entire admin, that is. hee hee

@Sadoi I'm hoping Mueller is getting his ass kicking boots on as we speak...


Think of a 6 month deployment at sea, without days off. 12 hours days is your minimum. Plus drills, general quarters, special exercises. In a bathtub floating. No privacy. Think about it and you know what? Does Not Kills You.

nooo thank yooou!!! i can pass on that one! haha

that's the difference between the navy and the got up to 12 hours off...hehe...

@JohnnyThorazine I prefer when somebody says the Navy's been the Marines Uber and Never Failed them. At sea Marines got little to do but wait for next Chow Call but Marines still got My Respect.

@JohnnyThorazine, @Sadoi Sadoi... You will be a Pleasant Distraction at Sea or at Shore.

@GipsyOfNewSpain haha! That is totally true! The only time off I ever had was in the belly of a boat...and it used to GO GO GO! It drove us crazy waiting....There is nothing like seeing a friendly navy ship with their huge cannons having your back...

@JohnnyThorazine Thank You, Semper Fi. My First Ship was Gator Navy... LST 1179. And I Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice.


Take the next few days Off not waste your life on a job..

I will eventually get some time off. 😉 I love my job. thank beezus! haha

@Sadoi Gf..don't get sick..pushing yourself is Not healthy..especially lack of know this..


16 hour OB shift? That could be hell

YES!!!! You respond with the conviction of a fellow nurse or one with experience with nurses...?

I'm sooo tired... Haha

@Sadoi former nurse now doc. Did plenty of time in OB either painfully boring or everyone is crowning at once with a little abruption or a previa thrown in to keep you on your toes

@btroje ooh!! Yes!! Yees! Tonight we have 15 out of 30 birthing suites filled and possible 4 more arrivals in the next few hours. Three are high risk, as well. One is multiples. Yes!!

I am working as a nurse of obstetrics in order to pay my way through med school, obstetrics. 😉.

Sounds like we might have had similar plans.

@Sadoi after doing this you want to be an OB? I could never live that lifestyle! Yes I got an associate degree in nursing because it was still unusual for wome to be admitted to med school I needed back up.No loans before I got in med school though. There are always funny OB stories THere was a direct elevator to the OB unit at IUPUI. The resident lounge was right across from the doors. Once those doors opened and the presumed father was pissing in the corner and the mother was delivering on the floor. Oh those days

@Sadoi I am guessing you probably only have 2 nurses on board?

@btroje Oh yes!! I love the field. You know, funny when i began my college career, i had No Idea I would desire to become an OB-GYN. It sort of... grew on me as I Grew Up, to be honest. Soon it began to dawn on me that at this phase in my life, I am Ready to be a part of bringing life Into the world.

I Love the celebration of life that comes with this field of study. It is ALWAYS unique and different Every Single Day... you have No idea what is going to happen. It has difficult times as well... when we lose babies... or when things go wrong, but overall... it is an Absolute Honour to be there when a family grows and meets its newest member. Those little lives... they Blow my Mind... and the capacity for human beings to love... that still ceases to amaze me.

Don't get me wrong. I adore this job.

And we are 4, actually. 😉


What job?


Is this common for nursing? @Sadoi

@kmdskit3 yeah pretty much. I typically work 12a, however this latest influenza is just tearing through our staff despite our immunizations and I've been covering for fellow coworkers out due to illness.

@Sadoi And you cannot refuse working these hours?

@kmdskit3 in a lot of places they can be in trouble for abandoning the patients if you leave

@kmdskit3 sure I could, but then there will be mother's without proper nursing staff. It's not that I can't do it. It's just knowing I have it staring me in the face, but on nights like tonight, when we are busy, it seems to go by much faster and easier. It's the slow nights that are rough.

I sat down for dinner break so that's about when the "tired" hits you.

But Im okay. I'm used to this. I've done it off and on most of my adult life.

Prior to this, I attended UCLA, different PhD path at that time via the field of psychiatry, child psychiatry, but turned out it wasn't for me so I switched my area of study.

Like I said, I've worked in medicine a majority of my adult life and I've been a student more years of my life than not. Lol! I'm just whining. 😉

@Sadoi @Btroje I guess nursing/medicine can be somewhat different but it also seems like another example of workers in the US not having much control over their working environment. It also doesn't sound that healthy, especially if done for years.

@kmdskit3 you usually end up doing the opposite of what you recommend to your patients. I never saw as many donuts in my life until i worked in a hospital

@btroje donuts made me laugh out loud!!! Im not a fan of sweets nor coffee myself so they tend to keep me stocked up with tea and raw veggies. haha!

@btroje, @kmdskit3 and you can end up doing it for years too! I mean, you already realize what you are getting yourself in to at the get go so no need to complain once its fully on your doorstep! haha!

I gripe to gripe, but overall, i do enjoy my work. 🙂

You Really Must WANT and LOVE this field in order to fully enjoy it as i do. Otherwise, its a lot to take on. 😉


Even when I want to work long hours, my ability to do quality work drops off sharply after the tenth hour.

Oh... Hahaha well, when you're staring down the face of a woman trying to pass something the size of a melon... And/or a baby flying at your face like it's being launched out of a Canon... Or when a first time father asks you for the millionth time if his wife/girlfriend is going to be okay... Baby too... You... Kind of find the urge to nap vanishes and your adrenaline kicks in. Lol

Oh yeah and I've been here since 730am. The night previous I was working 730am to 1230am. I got home around 1am and, yes, that rolls into today, when I got here at 730am.

Yes. It's fun like That! Lol


I was forced to work 16 hour days when I worked as a machine operator it is dangerous.

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