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My New Years Resolutions for 2021.
Be kind and nice to the Faithfools and Trolls even if it kills THEM....LOL.
Tempt Gawd to smite me at EVERY possible opportunity, his/her/its aim sucks at the best of times,
NEVER use a hammer with wooden handle ever again, window panes are expensive to replace.
ALWAYS eat red meat on Good Friday, at least twice on that day.
Ridicule religions and the Faithfools at every single opportunity.
Remember to 'accidentally' spray Evangeloons' strange looking 'Tomato' Bushes with herbicide regularly.
Smile at Strangers, Friends when meeting them in streets, etc, like I've been dong for years anyway.
Routinely send packets of Condoms, signed by the Pope, to the Catholic Church.
Sleep in EVERY Sunday instead of wasting precious time in Church ( which I don't do anyway).

Triphid 9 Jan 1

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Always send condoms to the church!!


You can buy oxyfluorfen from your local industrial growers supplies (not bunnings). Just a little bit will kill any plant life... f#cking fast.


I did not waste my time. No resolutions, no after midnights, no concern are fish not being meat, etc.


You sound bitter.
Why not just ignore them and get on with your life?

I don't think he sounds "bitter" at all.

"Bitter, " about what, I'm being nice to the Faithfools and Trolls this year, even IF it does kill them.
So, where's the problem?

I would never describe @Triphid as bitter.


Of Evangeloon's 'tomatoes', I can give you a 200 litre barrel of Agent Orange if you like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

His whacky Backy/Green tobacco, etc, that he uses AND sells to the teenagers around town as well.
He grows them in between Tomato Bushes along a 'secluded(???) section of the dividing fence probably thinking that no-one can tell the difference.
I use a solution that we used on the Railways to keep weeds, etc, under control, 1 cup of the powder to 5 litres of water and within 3-5 days the weeds are dead but normal garden plants, trees, etc, are 100% safe and thriving.

Some nasty stuff!!

Sarin and mustard gas โ€˜el do the trick.

@SeaRay215ex Yes but those are harmful to the fauna as well PLUS they can spread on the breezes thus affecting the other neighbours also.

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