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Perspective on whining about COVID, the election, trumpie is an idiot, etc. Nearly everyone on this site is privileged in hard to fathom ways.

The current population of Earth is around 7.8 Billion.

Someone has condensed the 7.8 billion in the world into 100 persons,
and then into various percentage statistics.

The resulting analysis is relatively much easier to comprehend.

Out of 100 :
11 are in Europe
5 are in North America
9 are in South America
15 are in Africa
60 are in Asia

49 live in the countryside
51 live in cities

12 speak Chinese
5 speak Spanish
5 speak English
3 speak Arabic
3 speak Hindi
3 speak BengalI
3 speak Portuguese
2 speak Russian
2 speak Japanese
62 speak their own language.

77 have their own houses
23 have no place to live

21 are over-nourished
63 can eat full meals
15 are under-nourished
1 ate the last meal, but did not make it to the next

The daily cost of living for 48 is less than US$2.

87 have clean drinking water
13 either lack clean drinking water or have access to a water source that is polluted.

75 have mobile phones ????
25 do not.

30 have internet access
70 do not have conditions to go online.

7 received university education
93 did not attend college.

83 can read
17 are illiterate.

33 are Christians
22 are Muslims
14 are Hindus
7 are Buddhists
12 are other religions
12 have no religious beliefs.

26 live less than 14 years
66 died between 15 - 64 years of age
8 are over 65 years old.

If you have your own home,
Eat full meals & drink clean water,
Have a mobile phone,
Can surf the internet, and have gone to college,
You are in the miniscule privileged lot.

(in the less than 7% category)

Amongst 100 persons in the world, only 8 can live or exceed the age of 65.

Mitch07102 8 Jan 10

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That's me one amongst the 7%.


There's a miniscule error.

Enlighten us.

It's minuscule.


In Australia, we don't exist.
With comparisons like this Maslow's needs should be employed. The basic needs are food, shelter, security and social interactions. Things like internet, phones, university degrees etc are all wants ie not essential to a productive and happy life.
Personally, I feel privileged to have grown up before all that crap was around.

I would have agreed with you before COVID. But as a social worker and few outreaching people, without phones, access to computers, those who need services are left in the dark. There are 4 of us in office who still outreach elderly and disabled or those with no other means to get help. court case are done through zoom. Did you or I ever see this coming, probably not. But the deficit in some of these luxuries is a hardship to those with mental illness and medical issues, and others with vulnerabilities.


This is a great list. At one time in an environmental organization I belonged we listed 3 categories, above subsistence, at subsistence and below subsistence. One quarter of the world were above, one half were at subsistence and one quarter below. The basic definition of subsistence was; above was having excess, at just at sustainable living and the below were actually needing other people's excess (garbage) to live. This was when the world had 6 billion. Now conditions have only gotten worse for those at and below subsistence. Adding some 80+ million net each year will only make matters worse!
When I was in ZPG we had all sorts of activities to help people connect the dots with our dependence on the natural world. One was really eye opening especially for teachers. It is a basic version of this list and called "Food for Thought." []


Enjoyed that. Thank you. Based on this condensed stat, a quarter of the world population don't make it after the age of . I felt really grateful to be in the seven percent until I get to the part that only eight out of 100 will exceed the age of sixty-five. I guess I can say I've been lucky so far.

May you continue to be. May we all......


Ya know (or, in reality, you don't know), until I was six years old, I lived in the third world country of Backwoods, Oklahoma. We had no running water and drew water from a well with a bucket. My dad went squirrel hunting to put food on the table and my mother wrung the necks of chickens to do the same. We had a ill built fireplace for heat and we had no concept of A/C. I didn't know what a telephone was until we moved to California when I was six. My mother finally got a wringer washer but before that, she built a fire in the yard and washed clothes in a wash pot summer and winter. By the time I was born, we had electricity, but I have the oil lamp that my parents used for light until 1950 or so.

My grandmother lost two children at birth due to the lack of medical care for them; my aunt lost one. I was the first in my family to be born in a hospital.

At least we never went hungry, but we lacked proper nutrition, especially in winter if the home canned goods ran out.

I had repeated, untreated ear infections because the closest doctor was over 50 miles away over mountainous roads that were often impassable in winter. My mother said my ears used to bleed (I attribute the tinnitus I have had since I was 11 to these ear infections). Before I was born, my brother fell against the coals in the fire below the wash pot and, judging by the scar on his neck, had third degree burns that went untreated.

So, no, it is not hard for me to fathom how privileged I am at this point in my life.

So you fully understand how spoiled rotten many of us are! It would be great if more understood this as well.

My father is from Oklahoma. I still remember the stories he and the relatives had of how hard their upbringings were.

@JackPedigo oh, yeah!

@Mitch07102 My parents and grandparents (and beyond) had it much worse than I had it as a child in OK. When my dad was a boy, they lived in a house in a lumber camp and the house had holes in the floor. He heard something move beneath the floor and stuck his hand down it--and was bitten by a rattlesnake. The creeks were up and even if there were a doctor nearby, they couldn't have gotten out anyway. He was lefthanded, but had to learn to use his right hand.

On a lighter note, in the 1970s, my ex husband was visiting for the first time in OK. We went to see my uncle (who had polio, untreated, as a boy) who lived with some friends of his. My ex was raised poor, but he had never seen people so poor. He was sitting on a five gallon can, as there were only a couple of rickety chairs, and a chicken stuck its head up through a hole in the floor. Our host made the comment that his wife "fed the chickens through the holes in the floor."

My ex sat there with his mouth open. He had NEVER seen anything like that before!


Great post for perspective of bigger picture than us.


All of that and no bibliography to back up your numbers. Referencing someone is a bit vague. 😶

Agree, but it was forwarded by a friend that I trust.


You put it all in perspective quite well.

Thank you.


This is the perfect analogy for how you minimize everyone and everything. You're an apologist for the status quo. Makes me want to puke.

Actually, I don't, and I am not. I can, however, have a non-binary, more nuanced view. Try it. It might improve your disposition.

@Mitch07102 Yes, you are and you do. A look back at your previous posts proves it. You consistently lack empathy. Have you ever undertaken the Psychopathy Checklist?

@LovinLarge I have taken many psychological tests during my working life. I consistently score in the top decile for empathy. I also understand that there is always misery and unfairness in the world; I have experienced my share. I choose-and it is a choice-not to wallow in it.

Amor Fati.

Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

@Mitch07102 That makes sense. The more psychological testing one does, the more familiar one becomes with selecting the answers that make one appear the way one wants to be seen. The scores are only as accurate as the answers given.

@LovinLarge Or the way one is. Or some combination of the two. Also, note that in a corporate setting, empathy is not necessarily a desired trait among the more senior leaders.

@Mitch07102 Correct, empathy is not a desired trait amongst corporate leaders which us why it is not uncommon to find psychopaths amongst them. They will be exposed and expelled by the progressive movement away from hierarchical structures that won't tolerate your practice of condescension.

I have hard time understanding y this post offend u or y u say it shows no empathy . What m I missing of your point of view ?
People die or have dysfunctional disabilities every day bcz of strokes . I do feel lucky not having one yet . Is that making me an asshole ? I can educate people of how to prevent one , I can treat them at acute onset , and I can be very upset when no great outcomes . Yet , at the end of the day , when driving home or in bed , it does register again and again , “ fuck. That could had be me , it is a good thing I am not the one today “.
I mean , if u think that makes me an asshole ,, no problem , it is what is , I won’t die , and if u think Mitch is a sociopath or whatever bcz he posted this , I am sure he won’t die as well , I am just curious , that’s all ♥️

@Pralina1 He has a history of chastising others for things like "whining about COVID" that I take exception to because it lacks empathy for the misfortunes of others and it is inappropriate for him to dictate to others how to cope with their misfortunes.

@LovinLarge I don’t see how he dictates in any way how to cope w covid or any misfortune .
Personally I get more nauseated by the majority of “ inspirational “ memes and such alike .
I don’t see where u see that here , where does he say or implying that we shouldn’t care by the less fortunate or , that we should settle for what we got , or , we should walk around like roosters bcz we” made it “.
I don’t know if numbers are correct , math / statistics not my strong subject in life .
The truth is , some of us have more than others . That includes the basics . Voicing the fact does not making us hard asses. Most x , it’s when u realize how much u got , that u feel stupid and willing to give to others at whatever level of your capacity .
Also , no where said that just bcz u have a cell phone or water and roof , u are not aloud to whine if shit happens .
Hell yeah I’ll whine , I ll bitch !!!
I bitch daily , I can bitch bcz not enough ice cubes available , yeah , I am that asshole . And I can understand and be there at same time for those who are affected by covid let’s say .
There are ways to do both . This is not to criticize I think how people handle their tragedies . This is to inspire the ones w less tragedies to knowledge their damn luck / whatever , to understand that with a blink of an eye shit happens , and to help others who are in the shithole .
That’s what I got out of this .
Also ( apparently I have a lot to say 😂), I am also condescending and demanding of people around me to be “ all that “ and not whine most of times .
When back in March nurses fearful of covid , ( self included ), I bitched to who ever can listen , but to my team I said “ that will be ok . Stop the drama , at least we have some n95s , have u seen these bitches at New York ??. We gonna be ok , none of us got tb b4( airborne ), shut mouths and let’s get busy “. I HAD TO DO THIS . Other ways ,, we all sit around and be fearful and nothing will get done .
Ok I am done .


Your stats are probably right on. That said, it feeds into the myth, led by the powerful in many places, especially here, that we should be happy with what we have and not bitch. It is used as a form of control. In a counter way, it is used here to incite the middle and lower class whites with "look what you are losing, not us behind the curtain, but THEM." Yes, we have it better than many, but does that mean we should be thankful for other stats that will show 1 in 6 Americans are hungry or the number of abused or the outrageous number of people who are sexually assaulted/ molested? I think not.


The richest nations got that way because they oppressed the others.....

No different than the wealthy and poor in this nation...

You don’t think they maybe made some better decisions down the road to where they are today.

So tell me, what country exactly did Finland oppress?

@Hanno yes, better decisions....


This analysis does say how many live under oppressive governments (even though we could debate what constitutes such a system). Why is it considered whining to expect our government should have done more to combat the effects of COVID, or to be upset about the attempted overthrow of our government by a wannabe dictator? Even if we are privileged compared to the rest of the world, why should we not resist moving backward?


The conclusion one should draw from this is most people don't know how to get governments that govern for their population. Criticizing those that do know how to do this is moronic.


I have seen lists similar to this. I get the point and generally agree with. What I am curious about, is this the most recent updated version of this type of post?

I don't know. It was forwarded by a friend a few days ago.

@Mitch07102 The reason I asked is for some reason I thought the number of people with bad drinking water and not enough food was a higher percentage then what is shown on this list. Under any circumstances the number for not having clean water and enough food is too high and should have high priority to being lowered. Clean water and enough food is a human right in my view.

@creative51 Yes, too high indeed. I don't know how this example was determined, how hunger and clean water are defined, etc. Your point though is spot-on; it is too many.


No wonder I'm so damned smart.🤔👀


it did not help my cousin anna that she had internet access or three squares. she died of covid anyway and i do not consider her daughters' grief and sorrow "whining."


My sincere condolences. Grief is normal and healthy. To regard it as "whining" is abnormal and unhealthy. Please disregard. Big hug.

@LovinLarge thank you.



Thanks for posting. Very humbling.


Looks like all that hard work paid off . It's a mix of good luck , intelligence , ambition , and perserverence . Given the same circumstances , I've ended up with a different ending than the bums nearby who've chosen instead to live on the street , surviving on beer and weed , getting free medical care and hospital care , when they need it , and handouts that they throw away , if it's not beer and weed .

That’s a bit are assuming “ same circumstances”

Nope, it's only accident of birth.

There are a lot of homeless people beset by mental illness and addiction. Sure there were bad decisions made, but not I think 100% their fault in most cases. Others were living paycheck to paycheck and lost their jobs and are now living in their cars (if they have them). However, homelessness in America is a far cry from being a Dalit child in India and having to scavenge recyclables from trash just to be able to live. What bad choices did they make?



Very thought provoking....and chastening!

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