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Just when I thought that Evangeloon was a dumb as anyone could possibly get, he goes and shows me different.
While planting some Hollyhock seeds in a few garden beds, Evangeloon looks over the fence, shows and ask me my thoughts and opinions on these new environmentally produced, totally organic "Brain Power Expanding" pills he just bought from a friend who makes and packs them.
I look and see a very nicely done, plastic baggy, resealable of course, with a very nicely printed and stapled cover attached with a logo, a bit of blurb about the pills and instructions as to how and when to take them.
" Directions for Usage.
Take 2 B.P.E. pills 3 times a day with food for the first 5 days,
Reduce dosage to 1 B.P.E. pill 3 times per day for 1 week,
Then continue with 1 pill per day until you notice a vast difference in your Brain Power, etc, etc."
"Guarantee, IF NO noticeable changes occur AFTER you have used the entire contents We shall, either refund your money OR sell another supply at a lower price."
Grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, Evangeloon tells me, " They're very very cheap for what they do, only $34.99 for a packet of 140 pills, I know they will work because I trust in them just like I do Jesus."
I took a look at ONE of these 'pills' and guess what, he has paid $35.00 for 140 Generic brand Breath Mints that have been re-packaged, etc, etc.
I suppose the up-shot is that at least his breath will smell a bit better.

Triphid 8 Jan 10

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Had he bought them from Alex Jones. He sells wonder pills also. Supposed to make a real man out of you. Just what I want. To be a man with all of those man privileges. Oh. It is not for women. Never mind.

LOL, I think he MAY have bought them from his "Get rich quick" schemer 'friend,' Greg.
The very same Greg who is, at present, under investigation by the D.S.S. ( Centrelink) for fraud due to his doing paid employment whilst receiving Unemployment Benefits and NOT declaring his extra income/s.



Yep, funny but sad to me that I didn't think of that ruse first, the $35.00 would have been nice in my pocket.


Well in that case, I'd like to offer him a share in my pink unicorn farm, & a monthly contribution towards their food, & sanitary care..

Would you like me to pass your most kind offer on to him? LOL.

@Triphid Yes, & a mere $30 per month to help feed my whole herd, & muck out the barn.

@Lilac-JadeCanada WHAT, only $20 a month when in 2018 he sent $999.99 to a company that advertised " Build your own Swimming Pool Kits" and got a package from them that contained a shovel, a pick-axe, a crowbar, 30 metres of clear plastic and was so proud of his purchase?
Surely caring for Pink Unicorns must be far more expensive, I could possibly get him up around the $100-150 mark with a little gentle persuasion.

@Triphid Well he'd be sharing, but I guess he wouldn't have to know that, huh? Let's go for $150.00 & he could pick one out to name, & I'll post her hoof print.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I'll make sure I suggest your offer to him when next I'm unfortunate enough to see him.
How about we go a 2 thirds -1 third share, $100 a month for your Unicorn farm and $50 a month as 'Agent's Fees'...LOL.

@Triphid Yeah, you may as well get in on it, after all you gave me the heads up.

@Lilac-JadeCanada My hands will not tremble if yours refrain from doing so...LOL.

@Triphid And a little sample....

@Lilac-JadeCanada Cute, nice surrounds as well for them to live in, mind if make a copy to show and prove to him that his money WILL be going to a very good Cause?

@Triphid Oh of course, gotta be open about the business, ya know.


I have been rendered speechless by stupidity in public on numerous occasions.
I think it's why I tend to write in detail.
It's therapy for all those WTF?! moments when you can't gather those talking parts to be as eloquent as you think they are.

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