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There is talk that Trump supporters need deprogramming (debriefing), as you need to do to those leaving a cult. Undoing the indoctrination basically.
Now if antifa is true to it's name then there will be massive protests as there is not much that is more fascist than rounding up opposing opinions to be sent to a deprogramming camp.
But I don't think they will. Do you? .

Do you believe antifa will oppose deprogramming camps for Trump supporters?

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powder 8 Jan 15

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So...Antifa is a group with no leader. Heck...It is barely a group. There are no meetings, no membership, no leadership. What you call Antifa is not organized in any way. Its just a bunch of people who respond to organized far-right meetups. They will always appear when the far right act up. They are everyday people who don't mind bringing the fight to the far right. The left has no control over them nor know who they are. There is nothing anyone can do to stop them. They are everywhere and everyone and anonymous.


I did not vote. I have no clue what Antifa will do.


There is no such organization as "Antifa".
So your question is pointless.

"Do you think people who identify as anti-fascists will support"


Are you kidding?

I wish I was.

This from Fox news admittedly, but being "put out there" by some.

@powder I see. But those people there are Cuckoo also. Especially Sean Vannity and Laura Ingram.


I can't find the "None of the above because the US has [hopefully] learned its lesson about forcibly rounding people up and putting them in camps and anyone who thinks this would actually happen is an idiot" option.

Added 😉


Faulty premise.

Let's see your evidence of any credible reference to "deprogramming camps" for Trumpers?

google "deprogramming trump supporters". It is being talked about.

@powder It's not MY job to do YOUR research.

a specific example as requested, reported on many other websites as well

@powder Not a credible website and no credible reference to deprogramming camps.


@LovinLarge I said it's being talked about, the idea is being floated around. Never said it's happened/ happening so there will be no credible reference

@powder Your poll question is premised upon the existence of deprogramming camps. It's not being floated around, it's only being alleged against the left by the nuts on the right. You spreading it around like it's actually being proposed is tremendously irresponsible. Your right wing propaganda is ticking me off and you will hear about it every time.

@LovinLarge It was a DNC official who first suggested it and left wing "Hollier than thou" stances on what should be pragmatic issues also ticks me off.

@powder Produce the evidence.

@LovinLarge I'm not doing your research for you 😉. The point is this topic, and I agree it's fearmongering by more extreme elements, revs up all the nutters. So that means Democrat leaders, who now (soon) hold power, must be very forceful in their rejection of the proposal.
The 70 odd million who voted for Trump as potus have been called deplorables etc by many from that party and will believe they are about to get persecuted, so it should be nipped in the bud right now very clearly and loudly.

@powder You continue to make factual claims without supporting evidence. YOU are the one who has failed to do his own research and that's why you are so far off base here. The idea is to do the research BEFORE you run your yap so that you actually know what you're talking about.

Try to deflect and ramble as much as you want but those tactics are ineffective with me. I've watched you try to take the pressure off Trump by creating inflammatory subjects like this one for months now such that you have lost all credibility. You're a closet conservative.


Germany thought that way. This will be fun.

getting a bit nasty

@powder Just say’en

@CourtJester not you, "It's" I should have prefixed

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