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Post your weekend plans....
Mine starts with pizza, followed by karaoke and drinking. Saturday will start with making waffles and later on more karaoke and drinking. Sunday, lazy binge watching TV. I may catch up on Walking Dead.

Phoenix1976 5 Apr 13

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Monday - packing for upcoming trip, going to see friends visiting from out of state, taking her to get a tattoo, then dinner
Tuesday - picked up an extra shift at work
Wednesday - cleaning house then taking the kitty to the kennel


Computer work, a little booze, and replacing a faucet in a shower stall. I'm always into multiple projects at one time but these faucets I'm doing have likely been put off too long. Once I finish a bathroom sink I will have replaced every faucet in the whole house. Guess I got on a roll here.


Sex and alcohol if all goes well. I was going to go to church, but my IQ won't allow it.

Haha it's good to have goals.

@Phoenix1976 I'm very goal oriented when it comes to booze and screwing.


Saturday afternoon hosting open mic, singing, then having a moderated discussion at my online club, The Sound District on Second Life. (A 3D Metaverse) I’ve been a member there over 11 years. Then I have a fish tank to clean, and nails to manicure. Sunday the highlight is the season finale of The Walking Dead. I’m so excited to see what happens. Anything else is just cleaning, napping, cooking, and posting here. ❤️??

Well done!!!


Oddly enough mine starts out with a pizza as well, followed by watching the Saturday night movies, sleep, wake up, watch a baseball game, get excited or infuriated with my favorite team (whichever comes first), and sleep. Yeah, life is good.


I have found that drinking and karaoke is better than karaoke and drinking

Blotto is even more fun than drinking and karaoke combined, and it's real simple to play...all you have to do is get drunk and pick the numbers. Just in case you wonder, yes, I just made that up.


Saturday Sunrise, feed animals, beach swim, mow 1/2 yard, pool swim, feed fish, water plants, prepare dinner.
Sunday, see above


Tonight was dinner withneighbors friends than home to rest for Sat., Tomorrow is my Wife's birthday, which will Have me at Cisco for a cake, than to the gym for my work out, than to p lol with wife and last to my Wife's favorite restaurant for dinner with friends. Sunday will be hike day, or back to pool for laps.


Jus made an omlet for dinner and baked a cheesecake for tomorrows desert. Soon I will be mixing a White Russian and relaxing while playing Guild Wars 2. Saturday making vegtable soup in the slow cooker and having my 90 year old mother over for dinner and a couple of streamed movies in the early afternoon. Sunday the usual. Read the paper over coffee. Making some baked veggies for dinner. Then playing Guild Wars 2 with some friends for guild mission night.

Your age range of activities is astounding. Young=Guild Wars 2....middle age=cooking...senior=Sunday morning paper w/coffee. Well done sir


work, sleep, working out, work, sleep, travel, work

That should put us to monday morning.


We had the vet out all morning for annual exams and shots on the horses goat and donkey. The vet also confirmed that the donkey, who is a rescue is pregnant. A mystery baby is on the way in a couple of months or so. He had me do an exam on her with him, since I am an old midwife. Tomorrow, the annual Equine Wellness conference, then take duck and goose eggs to the local organic bakery and restaurant, and pick up a Brioche that I have reserved. In the afternoon, a writer's group, evening, a fun workshop, making a windchime out of old horseshoes. Sunday, I'm going to a Death Cafe discussion. Sunday night is reserved for Call the Midwife and Walking Dead. I am so busy since I retired, that I don't have time to get bored.

Death Cafe ? Sounds....intriguing.

@Tilia it is from Europe, but they have them in different spots in the states, I think. It is discussions about our perceptions of life and death, and our feelings/fears about it.

@Wisewoman3 how fantastic. I deal with translations for a local funeral enterprise and find the way people treat death in so many different ways fascinating.


Karaoke tonight, then the rest of the weekend I'll be alone with my thoughts and feelings. I'm looking forward to it.

What's your go to song?

I have many, actually.


Baking sourdough bread today - well the first half, making the dough and letting it rise, I will bake it first thing tomorrow morning. (The sourdough waffles will be Sunday morning as a carbo before a quick 50 mile bike ride.)

That's the planned weekend, the rest is more ad lib as things need doing. (This is beyond the typical domestic stuff - shopping, cleaning, laundry....)


@Phoenix1976 my thoughts exactly!!!!!

Hah....seriously, if anyone is a cyclist in the Houston area, perhaps we can share a quick ride.


Awful prospect. We have to either find a new engine for the Kangoo.......or a new van..? I love the Kangoo, but she is 15 years old and has bad valve problems.

Tilia Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Warm wishes your way. ?

@Louie406 It is a small jack of all trades van in France. Great little runner, can hold a tonne of tools, or bring the kids to school. One memorable day I had three of my sons 18 year old friends, and three trail bikes strapped in, on our way to a downhill event. The other good thing about them is that they run forever, and are repaired by cannibalizing.......other Kangoos !!!!

@Phoenix1976 Thank you!

There is a god !!!!?! We found a carcass for a Kangoo for next to nothing.......and a mate has a1.9 engine that is going for a song !!!!


12 1/2 hr shift in my second job, then catching up on housework, laundry and prep for my first rest for the wicked

Wow. Hard worker. Don't forget to take time to spoil yourself

@Phoenix1976 Eyes on the prize.

@Amisja I like that and am going to use that during conversation about my second job --"Eyes on the Prize." 🙂


I am planning to take a morning walk (local park)...then -same park- to seat and read / complete a crochet lap blanket for the veterans.


ha! if i do then my stalkers will know whats up! not falling for it...wait, i have no life...ok, i will be hanging out with the kids, same as always. and were broke so probably not going anywhere, lol

Byrd Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Yeah, what he said. It's a security risk: I'll tell you on Monday 🙂

@girlwithsmiles im a chica...but with no pic its an easy mistake, lmao

Oops, sorry Chick!
Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

@girlwithsmiles no worries, it made me laugh. it reminded me of when i got my first I.D. card. i hadnt noticed until i got out the door that my temporary card said i was male. tried to go back in but they had just closed for the day. went back the next day and explained what had happened, they wanted proof i was a lady. i dropped my pants, that was not good enough, i eventually had to bring in my birth certificate. lol good times, thanks for the laugh!


Tonight: Hosting my teenaged daughter and her friend who will also sleep over. This evening we're going to watch a musical theater production of Lion King done by a company both girls are a part of (but this show is populated by the younger children, grade 7 and under)
Tomorrow: I'll probably make breakfast for the girls, then taking them to a place called Color Me Mine where you buy "naked" pottery and hand paint it yourself, then they fire it for you and you pick it up a few days later. Fun, and I can bring my own wine. LOL! Later, I'll drop the girls off with my ex, go back home and work out.
Sunday: Continue some yard work I started last night, work out again, do laundry, drink. LOL!

Well planned. Post pics of the pottery

Here are the "pre-fired" items we decorated. Mine is the bowl. My kid did the wine plate and I took the pic before she had all her lettering done. Her friend did the other plate. I'll post again after the pieces get glazed and kiln-fired. The difference is striking.

@IAMGROOT Very cool! Thanks for sharing.


Friday is big broiled chicken meal for the girls, later dancing. Saturday during day squared away the house and at night ex gf choreographed an American University dance club presentation. Sunday my sister returns from Bahamas Cruise and I will return custody of house and her 3 chihuahuas. Free at last... maybe dancing at Cancun Cantina... maybe.

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