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Great we just bombed syrIa

wag the dog?

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 13

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Every war is started with lies.

Lies? That may be. But i manned up and fought for our country anyway.

@bucketlistbob I noticed in some other comment that you had made before that we had that in common.


Scary times we live in.


I see this was not unilaterial, GB and France we also on board. What ever happened to the UN? Shouldn't there be a statement coming from them?


Apparently 70 out of the 100 missiles fired were shot down so Theresa May is in no position to gloat, also there will be an inquiry into whether she acted illegally regarding interenational law and parliamentary procedure.


Damn... I hate when countries use chemical bombs. That means they want to challenge the USA. We protect the innocent. That's who we are.

We just spent several million dollars to destroy a building that they can replace over night. I do not think that really hurt them very much. How about we destroy their navy or a port or something of real value. Koch brothers will be there to rebuild with our money in no time.

@Marine. They knew the rockets would be shot down. It's a message to stop or it will be bombs.

If you believe all this shit. I got some really great coast line property to sell you, hell Ill give it to you This all a show.

@kenriley. Show? Why sure it is. Why do you think the USA said this is a one time thing.


Theresa May dragging uk into this is barmy I have been cryng since I found out! why does ever pesky leader think we will love them more if the take us into war - Take us into peace please!!!!


?WHAT Russian probe? (His intentions couldn't be clearer.. )




I'll be anxious to read the public opinion polls,,,,

From what I've read so far, we are going to get away with this once or twice, but continued, what is Russia going to target in return? Russia has said there will be retaliation.

Remeber if we have incoming we can only shoot about 30 to 50% of them down, so we would take damage/casualties somewhere.

Makes me glad I am in Australia. Time to watch "Dr Strangelove" and "On The Beach" again.


That fool is gonna get us all killed.
Stay on your toes Canada, there might be a few stragglers accidentally coming your way.

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