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What a drag to see newly elected President Biden kneeling and praying in that church near the capital. He was trying to comunicate with spirits while so many people are suffering in the real world.
And he's a Catholic, that even makes it worse. The last Roman Catholic was a blooming hypocrite living in his own world. He'd go to Europe, screw anything that walks, then return home and go right to church.
Hey, I wanna remind everybody that this son of an archcriminal, Joe Kennedy, came within a hour of blowing up the entire world.


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I was sure I responded to this earlier...
It could be so much worse, he could be praying for the "Storm" like so many MAGA.
Yes, I do believe, I believe you're a fucking troll.

I've been with the group over a year and I'm quite sincere. I'm only trying to express my views on how religion is hurting mankind and the environment. I'm an guy that doesn't even know what a troll is outside of Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite. I feel I have a right to express my views on this broad (that's what it's for) and don't deserve vile, hateful condemnation.


Biden has said he would be a "uniter" and, that includes the religious among us (not including me) but according to a group of which I am a supporting member "The Northwest Abortion Action Fund" his religion does not set his actions. []
Also, it has been shown the evangelicals have set the anti-abortion movement and, of course, it's all about money and intimidation. []


JFK must have been doing something right, or at least a threat to do something radically good, otherwise he wouldn't have been whacked by a conspiracy the included the CIA and possibly also the mob.


Intolerance demeans the one who puts it out are anyone's private beliefs Any of your business?!?


First off, re: JFK, he successfully prevented an aggressive Soviet expansion which would have based nuclear missile forces 90 miles from our shore, so close that, had they chosen, they could have launched at any time with no warning and no possibility of retaliation. This would have upset the entire strategic balance on which the relationship between the two powers depended. This was accomplished with behind-the-scenes diplomacy, not bluster and tweets. Kennedy saved the world, for that moment. This doesn't minimize any of his mistakes, including going into a ground war in Viet Nam.

Second, sure, it would be great to see an openly atheist or agnostic President in office. But barring that, I prefer a religious president who actually lives the values of that religion, compared to a president who panders to religion while their values are actually those of the Roman Senate in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1- "Fuck the poor".


I'm really not concerned about Biden being a mainstream Catholic, as long as he's not an anti-abortion nut. I'm more concerned with how much he is pro-war, corporatist, and corrupt to the bone in serving the rich and corporate donors rather than us peasants. That stuff is far more important than a pol's religion or lack of.


Troll he's the most progressive guy in a while pro choice pro civil rights better than the orange anus we had and not a racist

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 27, 2021

Not everyone has managed to throw off the superstitious belief in a god they’ve been indoctrinated to believe in since doesn’t make them a fool or a knave...only misled and misguided. At least from what I can see Mr Biden is sincere in what he believes, unlike the con artist and charlatan who has recently vacated the WH who pretended evangelical Christian belief when we really knew it was only a vehicle for him to use to further his own ends. To adapt a great local phrase we have around arse knows more about snipe shooting than Trump does about Christianity!


It's pragmatism. If it helps winning more voters and keep the power, I don't mind. We need the power to change lives for the better. Often fighting fire with fire works.

I have no problem dating a religious woman and going to church with her if I get what I want you see? It is pragmatism.


Would you rather see him pretending to play golf?
Tweeting gibberish?
Or hear his whiny voice on tv, griping about how fake, or unfair the press is?
At least this one WORKS!


Ok, Boomer.


Factual allegations should be supported by citation. This sounds like a historical attempt to distract from the prosecution of Trump and his support by evangelicals. Republican much?


My personal experience with many religions has given me the knowledge that some churches are worse than others. Some of the worst are the evangelicals who are worse than Roman Catholics. Of course they're bad in different ways but the evangelicals who want to take over the politics of this country far out number the RC's who do.

Give me a Catholic over an Evangelical any day of the week...and I’m surrounded here in N.Ireland by both.

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