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Radicalizing is a serious problem. This info may be of help.

Freedompath 9 Jan 27

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“Why People Join Cults”

Mvtt Level 7 Jan 31, 2021

This has been brewing for decades and many historians, demographers, anthropologists and other social scientists have predicted the breakdown of politics as one of the first indicators of a frustrated populace. The country has long since surpassed it's carrying capacity and resources are getting scarce and more are doing without. The internet and pandemic has been the means and the catalyst for people to finally vent their anger. Unfortunately, the anger is misdirected and more anger and emotional hype will only make matters worse.


I try to look at the far right and left (never met a far lefty, but I'm in Texas and there is more chance of meeting a jack-a-lope), as cult members. With some patience and compassion they can be brought back. Not all, but most. Focus on the science and show them how to fact check it is very akin to how psychologists deprogram people. Right now the leader of the cult is discredited and the contradictions in the ideology are everywhere. Politely explain that injectable bleach won't fix covid and that storming the seat of government with a rebel flag to kill its officials may not be morally in the "right".

I wish it was that simple! I will just focus on one person at a time!



This is not a both sides issue to the point some on this site would like others to believe. It was far right infiltrating and performing destruction to make others believe that it was BLM or Antifa and the latter isn't even an organization! ONE side is the one attempting to destroy any ability of the other side to govern and has done so since McConnell got in the majority.

Damn right. It smacks way too much of Trump's post Charlottesville talk of "good people on both sides". Horseshit!

@TomMcGiverin Trump used talk like that to get people to believe he hated all the same things that they hate. This is why the confused radicals think Trump is their buddy.

So far not one Antifa has been the contrary!!!


It's a false equivalency. So far people on the left who are radicalized, at most, end up destroying property, and only by a few of them. And that's assuming that it was not a case of right wingers posing as BLM or antifa. On the other hand, people on the right, end up killing people, such as the riot on Jan. 6. I have yet to hear of any people killed by BLM protesters, but sure as shit, one or more of the Jan. 6 rioters were involved in killing a cop and many of them were planning to kill Pence and Pelosi if they got hold of them. I care way more about murder than property destruction. People who care more about property than human life have, in my mind, a pretty fucked up sense of values. They tend to be the same people who value order over justice. Radicals on the left gave up violence, which consisted almost entirely of blowing up empty buildings, back in the early 1980s while right wing extremists have flourished since then and often been violent towards people. This endeth the lesson....

YESTERDAY BidenS crime families invaded Syria AGAIN ILLEGALLY all this bullshit on PBS passes for "news" when they know TrumpOLINI stopped the illegal war in Syria and call all of us truth telling CONSPIRACY theorists....this scummy liar has no interest in saving lives only SELLING LIES TO FAKE NEWS

@Larry68Feminist get away from the Koolaid, it is poison!

@Freedompath have not drank a single demonRATs beverage since 2007 when corruption fucked over Dennis Kucinich who with Elizabeth spent nights with Dr Assad and his wife preventing ObushaObombney invading Syria for the 1st time 2009.....the deadly koolaid is served by murderers like BILLARY and BidenS crime families

@Larry68Feminist if you have examined the past move on...we have all that we can handle in the present moment! As for ‘Biden and family’ I get it...but can’t you stop regurgitating the same venom...let it go, have you no ‘good‘ in your life? There seems to be too much bile in your responses!

@Freedompath I am a Veteran For Peace and you're enabling the murder of Syrians since Wednesday WITH YOUR VENOM covering up USA war crimes

@Freedompath did you condemn John&Yoko telling the truth about USA war crimes 1968 - 1980 ? I dream in music and my gifts are liberating to people brainwashed for USA war crimes since 1776

@Larry68Feminist if this is peace, I shudder to think what what non-peace could be by your definition. This makes no sense!

@Larry68Feminist this does not work for me. The past is gone, especially 40/50 yrs ago! I live in the present.

@Freedompath your war criminal BidenS just invaded Syria illegally AGAIN TUESDAY can so many USA voters be so dishonest to attack truth tellers .....spitting upon graves globally is not the kind of Atheism I shall grant passes FOR ANY REASON blind hatred of TrumpOLINI especially in this instance..... one of the 9 good things TrumpOLINI did was slow down the ObushaObombney illegal 2009 ioiinvasion of Syria 2017....racist rapist BidenS is scum of the earth

@Freedompath why the knee jerk lies for a 48 year war criminal BidenS?

@Freedompath open your eyes to reality .... are you seriously pissing on the peace movement of John Lennon and Yoko Ono??? Are you smoking peyote twice a day to forget USA war crimes since 1776 ?


Good video. I am concerned about radicalization on both sides. Each side thinks their side has noble radicalization while the other is delusional.

Admin Level 9 Jan 27, 2021

Personally I would rather be ‘radicalized,’ toward good than radicalized toward self grandiosity and dishonor. I have never met a person who enjoyed ‘dishonor!’ And, no I strongly disagree...I know a lot of people and radicalization on the ‘right,’ is no where even resembling the lack of...on the LEFT! Sorry but I study people to educate myself! And I am neither left or right...I work toward being a member of the human race!

@Freedompath very well said ...there is no so called left in the demonRATs scams and so called right are out to bust unions and eliminate minimum wages

I am nothing like the delusional greedy right wing anti-unions rethuglicans.... and all they can do is spew lies against Atheist WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US 2024 peace through Green jobs @HowieHawkins @AngelaNWalker especially now that BidenS crime families just invaded Syria illegally AGAIN while one of the few decent thing TrumpOLINI did was calm down the illegal wars in Syria started by ObushaObombney

@Larry68Feminist Your knife is too-o sharp!

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