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A second grade girl got thrown out of a Christian school for telling another female classmate she had a crush on her. Alright fundies, get your shit together - fundies say kids can't recognize their sexual preferences and then, this action seems to say kids can.


Beowulfsfriend 9 Jan 30

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Hypocrisy is the only thing most Christians do consistently and well.


And these people wonder why people are leaving religion in droves.


That school would not be good for her any way..


How sad that people are being, or have been, raised in a way that they worry about whether a god accepts and loves them.


I have several gay friends. They all knew at an early age. One of my friends had 2 older sisters 6 and 7 years older, he remembers by the age of 6 feeling completely comfortable with his sisters girlfriends when they'd come over to the house and they'd let him hang out if there was a sleep over. But when his sisters started dating and the boys would come into the house to meet the family or visit he'd be tongue tied and shy and remembers finding some of the guys very attractive. He'd critique them.


Sounds like a real alternative universe here.


About every gay person I've personally known has told me they knew they were queer around age 12-14 when they started showering with their peers in gym class.


The cruelty of these religious monsters is never ending.


I can't even fathom how non-heterosexual kids navigate survival inside any religious homophobic environment. It's heartbreaking.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 30, 2021

I know. I taught at a number of schools, 14 years at a private and progressive school where my kids went. We had students come there to escape from the horrors of being "different" in other schools. I heard some real horror stories.
Also, I had a Korean kid who got sent, from Korea, to us (his cousin lived in the states and went there) because he was physically abused at a Christian school in Korea - he hated christianity.


From my gay friend... he knew that he was different at an early age. He like to play with the girls, like they played with each other. But, not as girl friend, boy friend...he only realized that he was gay as a teenager.


Hope the kids parents sue the school.

A number of them here in the NY area have closed over the last 10 years or so.

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