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I love this.

Lorajay 9 Jan 30

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Best meme this week!! Nothing but respect for you Lorajay!!😂😂🤪🤪

Thank you for seeing the meaning and overlooking the costumes.


Why be "normal" or conformist? Better to be an Addams in a Kardashian world.


. . . very 1950s, kinda sexist.

i struggle to imagine how

@bbyrd009 No men, the women wearing dresses, doing the knitting, explaining the operation of "women's work" (dryer), giving simplistic explanation to a not simplistic question -- looks/sounds sexist to me.

@FearlessFly but it’s cute....

It’s not that men don’t knit, it’s that men are incapable of knitting
It’s not that men don’t do laundry, men are incapable of doing laundry correctly

And dammit, you must admit, women look so much better in dresses than men....

@FearlessFly ah well interesting perspective, ty


. . . which "this" are you referring to ?

Confusing people who click on this post. 😝

I fixed it. I had a hard time getting it to upload and so I just started all over and left off one minor detail.

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