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Well, today's the day!!! Super Bowl LV!!! Which also happens to be the day that America's going to fuck up what we've been working so hard to achieve...

Just watch...

Dyl1983 8 Feb 7

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Yes! Let's watch brain damage in a communal manner. CTE as we watch. Like a circle jerk.


I don't watch it but I'm not sure what you are talking about.

People getting together to watch the Super Bowl.


What achievement are you referring to?

Perhaps virtually closing our borders?

I think he's referring to the drop in COVID cases. But....

That's probably because the Christmas/New Years spike is slowing down. States are already lifting lock downs and mask mandates....just like they did before. It's bad enough that people don't know or understand history but history that's only a few months old???

This country is infested with gullible foolish people.

@TommyNIK Yup... most people just don't care...

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