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What do you know about accountability, Pooh?

AnonySchmoose 8 Feb 13

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obpos will use his usuaL delaying tactics in any court. Sometimes I wish there was some kind of judgement after death. Karma or something like that...

Best if he ceases to be, and we never hear about him again, except as an example of utter evil.


We all knew it was coming. Don't get down. Maybe the states will get him and the Supreme Court won't be able to overturn.

That is another outcome that would be good for the nation.


I have hopes that tRump will not escape punishment this time around, BUT, I also have doubts that tRump will cop what he truly deserves though.
Imo, these days Justice although being blinded, does appear to a penchant for receiving a bit of stray cash from time to time unfortunately.

He will never hold himself accountable for any harm he did.

@AnonySchmoose Never has and never will, that IS the way he has always been.


The Tao of Pooh

I hope the Tao influences US politicians asap, though I have no idea how that even would happen. They've been corrupt too long, i.e. 245 yrs.


If you're a Repub pol, you're accountable to no one, altho you do have to pretend to be accountable to God.

Very true.


And how much did we pay in tax money for this sham by the thugs in congress? They couldn't wait to go back to their old trips. This will come back to bite them and they will have no one else to blame for their massive cowardice.


No kidding

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 13, 2021

It angers me that these people breed and pass on their mentality to children, who grow up to perpetuate the similar corruption.


No bias here!

No ignorance there.

Why do you not know the US Senate and House do not use the criminal justice system’s rules?

Cheap shots have flaws.

@yvilletom Ironic, since the chief justice presides.

@PBuck0145 The chief justice follows the Senate’s rules.

@PBuck0145 The chief Justice does not vote! In the two cases of impeachment against this POS he is only there to add a modicum (microscopic at that) of officialism.

That MAY have been so ONCE UNTIL, imo, the Bleeding Heart Snowflakes came along and screamed out about their badly perceived ideas that Felons, etc, were being mis-treated, etc, and made the Victims the Defendants instead.

@JackPedigo In other words, About as useless a Chocolate Teapot then.

@JackPedigo, @yvilletom Ideally SHOULD NOT Justice ALSO be separate from Politics?

@Triphid As you said - in a perfect world.

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