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For all those who like horror movies, what is your favorite? For me, it's a Found Footage vampire movie called Afflicted. On paper, it sounds awful, but it was an excellent movie.

On a similar note, what was your least favorite Horror movie? For me, it was a movie called Blood Widow. One hour and twenty minutes that I'll never get back.

ErichZannIII 7 Apr 14

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Anything involving Jason, Michael, Chucky, Freddy, Leatherface, Ghostface. Basically any slasher, but Jason is the king.


Sean of the Dead

Isn't that more of a comedy?


Ones that come to mind:

The Babadook
Gerald's Game
Case 39
Let the Right One In
The Perfect Host

As for worst, I can't recall. I usually watch horror on DVD or streaming, so if I'm not liking it, I don't finish it. Oh, wait, I finished Mother (with Jennifer Lawrence) and didn't like it.


Rocky Horror Picture Show count?
Maybe "The Fury"

Well, Rocky Horror is Horror. Horror-Comedy, but Horror nonetheless.


Favorite: Aliens
Least Favorite. The Beast Of Yucca Flats
Most Underrated: Reincarnation (Japanese horror film)
Most Overrated: An American Werewolf In London
Most Disappointing: Twins (Thai horror film that I waited five years to see after I saw the previews in a Bangkok movie theater the night before I flew back to the US. It wound up being a POS)


The Excorist...


The scariest horror movie ever is the Faces of death 1,2 and 3. 3 being the toper. My favorite is Texas chainsaw massacre the part that plate head says " lick my plate you dog d..k" One of my oldest friends and I say that to each other, have been doing it for over 30 years. We have shortened it to just lick my plate still has a good meaning to me.


Two really. Alien and The Shining.

I love the Alien Franchise... Well, up until they started making prequels. Prometheus was alright. But Alien Covenant was just downright upsetting. It wasn't that scary, but the ending... Well, I kind of knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less upsetting.

The Shining was good, even if Steven King hated it. It was excellent psychological horror, and there was a video on what made The Shining so psychological, and that was really interesting. They used an unusual camera, panoramic so that it was jarring to watch, and they never showed the connection between floors so you felt disoriented, they showed the long car ride and how far away from anything resembling civilization the hotel was so you felt isolated, then of course the acting was incredible.


My favorites are the b-movies that I would rent from the mom and pop video stores back in the day.
Reanimator , House(William Katt), Evil Dead/2, Class of Nuke 'em High, etc...

Least favorites are any of the "torture porn" genre like Saw, Hostel, and anything first person perspective like Blair Witch. I get motion sick just thinking about them.


Old school, I really love the Creature from the Black Lagoon series. It's a classic, people screw with something they don't understand and then blame it when things go wrong, story.
Newer, Children of men, Never let me go, Requiem. More psychological horror then traditional


Not into horror movies. Liked the Twilight series.


I liked, "Mother!" My least favorite was, "Silent Hill." It scared me to death.

Uhhh yeah, Silent Hill, that one was creepy too !!!!!

@IamNobody They ripped the skin off of a woman! Ugh...


Gee, I just don't know the name of this move ( or can't remember anyhow )'s been a while. I did watch this movie years ago in a bussiness trip. I always leave the TV on at my hotel room, so I woke up to this weird movie where this big dude with a deformed face is terrorizing the neigboorhood and the movie ends with the cop that has been chasing him all the time trapped in a room where he must make a desition with this "monster", which some how got the cop teen girl and the deal is, the cop must agree to let him torture him to dead and then he will let go the girl...or something within those lines... I was half sleep, it has been about 10 years. I actually got the name of the movie and I remember searching the internet but never found any reference and now I have forgoten the name (Yes, Alzheimer likes me a lot...that SOG). Anyhow, super creepy movie very well produced. May ring a bell with someone??

Don't remember the name of the movie,but Dee Snyder also a heavy metal musician was the bad guy.

I am thinking this sounds like a movie called Wishbringer.

Found it !!! The name of the movie is Seed... The cop was Michael Pare. Interesting plot similarities with Strangeland but this one is different. Really gruesome..

@Rosenrot Yeah,pretty wild movie.


I don't consider Vampyres horror but German movie "We are the night" is excellent! Any zombie movie Sucks. Other than Vamps not a genre fan. But I recognized use and value.

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