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Morals may be objective or subjective, but throughout my life I have never hurt anyone even though I had many opportunities in which I could steal, deceive, lie, scam. I am really pretty proud that I do beautiful things for nothing and I don't want anything in return.

#We are good without God

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Everyone has hurt people. And by the way, I could use about 5K. Since you don't want anything in return, you can send it in a white envelope..
(You can consider it as good make-up karma for the people you didn't realize you hurt.)


We all are human, we all make mistakes. The key is to learn from it.


Realistic self-awareness can be difficult for some people. It's wise for everyone to check-in with mental health & social psychologists, occasionally. Empathy has little value, from a position of a distorted self-concept.

It's safer to presume that one has inadvertently hurt others, and use the responses of others to try to ascertain who & how. If one has an awareness of having had a choice to hurt someone, and not having done so; asking why, can be illuminating, too. For them? Or, for self preservation from consequences, or for self-satisfaction ... in holding-on to that power?


Empathy is the only moral needed and we all try our best, except for those who don't.

Spot on.


I have really not done those things either but I have hurt many a people in my days. Mostly not on purpose but unintentionally. But all that said, there are times when one has to speak what one feels no matter how 'hurt' someone gets. I have said some hurtful things about the Orange Garbage but am not one bit sorry.

I'm not sorry one bit about the Orange Garbage and I hope he gets carried out real soon now.


Careful, murderers, rapists, thieves can all make the same claims honestly. They just have different values...


I’ve done my share of harm to society but I’m remorseful. I lie , I can be insensitive, I judge people a lot. I guess I’m just human.

We are all humans and humans are imperfect--or imperfect according to the cultural standards set by the societies in which we live.

If a person claims to have never hurt anyone, that person is either a liar or is delusional.

I judge people; we all do. If we did not, we would get taken in by every shyster, liar, and con-person who comes along. I am also judge racists, sexist people, and their ilk. No apologies for that.

aren't we all just mere faulty Humans when it is all boiled down?


If you have never hurt anyone in your life, you have not lived life to the fullest. I have hurt people intentionally--and felt remorse for even small issues--but I have hurt people unintentionally and did not realize it until they told me or gained a bit of wisdom and realized that I could have been kinder. Those realizations have made me a better person.

The Christian Scriptures have a verse that states, ""And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others" Matthew 6:5. While the issue of prayer does not come into play here, why broadcast your altruism? It seems self-serving and a baiting for compliments.

You might also want to read what psychology says about "pure altruism" that is performed for "no reason."



Keep patting yourself on the back, but be careful about dislocating your arm.


You are proud of this? Billions of decent honest people do not see a reason to be proud of what should be regular normal behavior of any human being. It is as if I said I am proud of the fact that my shit stinks.


I am delighted that you do not have the morality of the BuyBull's Sky Fairy.

How about morality of the Predator

@Detached Which predator? (I suspect that I missing something here.)

@Detached Which of the literally myriad of Predators are you talking about here?
The Priests,
The Paedo-Priests,
The Paedophiles,
Murderers, both single and Multiple,
Scam Artists, Con-merchants,
Banks and Financial Institutions,
Bloody Nora, the list is almost endless when considers how society is today.


Good man yourself!!!


Also remember that a part of it is the talk of the FSM. 🙂

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