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2-3" PER HOUR and 10-16" TOTAL predicted thru Sunday. White out conditions. Couldn't get out of the parking lot to go lift. If I'm not lifting then you know it's serious! 😉

kmdskit3 8 Apr 14

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Guess it's not so bad here in Buffalo lol .. cold and snow but only a little shoveling will be needed .. we're getting freezing rain and hail toady


You can lift that snow shovel!

Yeah, but to get out of my apartment building's parking lot it would be at LEAST an hour of shoveling not to mention the street I live on gets plowed last. If maybe all these cool people I've met on this site came over and helped shovel... 😉

@kmdskit3 Better call in the Boy Scouts! You got hot hard. Still coming down here in Michigan.

@kmdskit3 I moved away from that . Have not shoveled once , since I got here 11 years ago . On the other hand , since you lift weights , all the snow should be easy for you . Or is lifting just , " for show ?"


My daughter is a home healthcare nurse in the Bethel area; she was TERRIFIED of driving today because she couldn't see the roads! However, the health of the homebound were a priority, so she persisted.

She's being incredibly diligent. Hope she can get back later.

@kmdskit3 She did. Thanks!


Wow, and we are having our hottest April on record. Mid Autumn days with temperatures of mid summer from my teens.


I would be in withdrawal.

Withdrawal from what?

@kmdskit3 going to the gym

Yeah, I'm not happy. 😟


My brother lives in Mpls and we spoke on the phone today. I was astounded at a foot and a half of snow this late in the season, even in Minneapolis.

I'm leaving on a business trip tomorrow and here in upstate NY we expect some freezing rain or maybe snow overnight ... I seriously considered driving to the airport (about 75 minutes from here) today and staying in a hotel an extra night, but talked myself out of it.

This seems to be the winter that won't let go ...

And more snow expected next weekend.


Hope its not heading east-ours is finally gone.


It is sunny and windy here. There was snow last night in CO.


I have snow too, just not as much as you're getting. I thank you for your sacrifice. 😉

I saw all the highway closures in Nebraska

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