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What religion began, nationalism has completed, with the nation as the secular substitute for God. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The covid madness has taken it to new levels. COVID‐19 pandemic impact the development of nationalism and world order.

Madness has engulfs the planet like no other as a senior in my lifetime and of all my relationship that surround me. Millions and Billions of people are some form of lockdown in their homes and businesses . Many who work in essential jobs – many cannot afford to stay home without state funds. Intensive-care beds face medical & shortages of equipment and time. The billionaires believe that they can isolate themselves in their enclaves, but the covid virus knows no borders. Where far more pass dangerous & present viruses had no such power over the people. Plus a dozen greater ways to die, don't hold a candle to the world order of Covid.

  1. Should we understand the relationship between nationalism and COVID‐19?
  2. Will COVID‐19 fuel ethnic and nationalist conflict?
  3. Will COVID‐19 reinforce nation‐state in the long run?
  4. Will other further viruses have a greater impact on the world?
  5. Is the planet run and controlled by fear greater than love?
Castlepaloma 8 Feb 27

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"Madness has engulfs the planet ... and all my relationship that surround me".

This insight alone has the poignancy, chatoyancy and the fluid density that only buoyancy can safely convey.

Thought I was living in a part of a horror movie, when covid first started. Nova Scotia went from the friendliest place ever. To the most antisocial divide ever.
The old divide and conquer play.

  1. Nationalism is not a concomitant of a particular disease.

  2. Adversity is not a necessary precursor to conflict.

  3. Disease may bring people together in the short run not the long run.

  4. It's axiomatic that there are far worse calamities than mere disease ahead.

  5. If abstract nouns run the planet then they'd be greed, envy and lust.

  1. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. Albert Einstein.
  2. There are greater divide and conflicts with nationalism. Us against them
  3. Covid can bring people together? really. Like in the half empty hospitals
  4. This virus worked out so well for our owners, they can bank on, for greater ones.
  5. It's all very negative, only the collective positive conscious of the people will turn it around. As they have always done for centuries.

What i read here is a lot of conflation of issues, garnished with little paranoia and spiced with a touch of conspiracy theory. You lost me with your first pananoia revealing sentence.

There is only one God, it is called the Government promoting world order and nationism. We all must deal with the Government daily, religions are optional unless your in muslim country. Some conspiracy hold strong evidence where many don't. Being aware for a long time for something like this, has me prepared. Where many others are deep in panic and pananoia, that's what they want.

Just enjoying the freak show. America has the front row seats.

@Castlepaloma "There is only one God, it is called the Government promoting world order and nationism (sic) "

Honestly. Read yourself. In a world of growing corporate fascism and oligarchy and a growing alliance between right wing politics and corporate fascism, whose goal is to destroy good governance and the public interest, you are lost in a kind of old style conservative paranoia about bogey man government. The debate has moved on. I suggest you do so as well. It's no longer the Reaganite/ Friedmanite 1980s. If there's a modern secular god it is called "Free-marketism" and the 'faith' in it by some is worse than the most ardent evangelicals, though often they overlap.

I know from personally experiences of impossible dealing with the Government in natural food products and building tiny housing, that is affordable for all minimum wage people. When there is more homeless people than Government servants, you got the worst serious case of greed. Homeless is against international law where tents cities, cars and shelters in every city in a America, (sic) . Poverty is the greatest killer. There is a big difference between capitalist free market and corporationism. The fastest growing group is nonbelivers in the world, that one is taken care of.

@Castlepaloma "There is a big difference between capitalist free market and corporationism."

Yes, there is. The Capitalist Free Market is a theory that has never been created in practise, like pure Communism, while Corporationism very much exists and threatens our societies, our democracies and the planet.


Capitalist with minimum Government is what I have practice for 45 years of bliss. Sometimes the land sharks try to take it all away. I learn privatization from them, and turn the feeling into something simular of what I really really love and share.


Part of the anti-lockdown movement is fueled by white supremacy and much of it is also related to Qanon garbage that so many believe today. It continues unabated because someone is making money spreading all the nonsense.

I am not anti anything, just not for the lockdown. The cold civil war between the two parties was to add to the destruction and distraction of the people as they steal more for themselves, large wealthy businesses .
A designed plan-edemic with large corporations interest tooling religions as always. Follow the money and you will find the source of the power of destruction.

@Castlepaloma Following the money today does not always lead to the wealthy wanting to be richer. You may find that someone wanting to sell you flags, shirts, and strange ideas to support it all could actually be your neighbor.

Your right, it's not about the money.
They print all the trillions they want to support the plan-edemic. They own the media to control the minds and politicains in their back pocket with lobbying and backdoors. Public gose crazy, or kill someone if one burns a flag, (a piece of fabric)
You can't even burn your American passport, they will force you another one. Glad Bush took away my green card for not creating a sculpture of a war story.
Even though I can't imagine running out of ideas to harm anyone, somehow I am with the terrorist.
It is absolutely unreasonable.


COVID-19 has been a great excuse for xenophobia and misanthropy

Interesting, When I was young, I learned alot about America from Madd magazines.

  1. NO disease, C-19 or otherwise knows nor respects Nations or National Borders, etc, etc.
  2. The Insanity of Ethnicity and Nationalism has been a Human Trait since well before C-19 raised its ugly head and as horrific and terrible as C-19 is, it is just another source of Gunpowder for those who wish to promote the disunity of Human kind for their own ends and means.
  3. Most hopefully it will NOT.
  4. Imo, you can bank on that occurring over and over again.
  5. Until, imo, WE Humans learn to get along with each other as ONE Peoples then the Fear-Mongers will ALWAYS reign over us.

I thought they were going hang an innocent old man by a dozen angry men.


It is all going to the dogs.

Yes US is going the wrong direction. Being an extreme optimist. After the great abuse, I have faith in Americans to turn things around, we must because we are all in the same boat.

@Castlepaloma Imo, the United States of Absurdity has been going off the track since the moment it gained its Independence.

Independent was a great idea.
Free from outside control; not depending on another's authority. Freethinking, individualistic
unconventional, liberated, bold, free-spirited
unconstrained, unrestrained, unhampered
undisciplined, wild, willful, headstrong.
Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. want to remain independent in old age"😕elf-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining
self-reliant, self-standing, self-made, Opposite:
An independent person or body.

Corperatism and Government wants to take care of you, like a mafia. Family.

@Castlepaloma don't have faith in my country seriously. There's way to many of these white nationalist and qanon pieces of trash.

@Castlepaloma However there IS independence in the true meaning of the word and then, imo, there is what Americans think/believe is Independence.
That is, for example, the American ideology, imo, of IMPOSING, via their perceived Independent Rights, upon almost everyone else inhabiting this planet the American Way.
Including those who do NOT want to be 'Americanized.'

The American empire is a continuation of the British empire who were even further far reaching world-wide. A empire dies on adverage of 80 years, same like a Humans life span. China will be the next super power yet still not without a fight from the US


I sere little or no relationship between viruses and either the extent of or the nature of nationalism. It is an an artificially forced issue.

I once was a major feature of attendance of 18 million people in one year. Today I stress to draw 10 people and they have to sign a legal waiver to show or teach anyone. That's just working in sand and snow sculptures, not counting 6 other natural materials I work in. No farmer market allows me or i have to sell all my organic superfood products online or I don't survive .
How unnatural or more martial law and more nationalism is that?

@Castlepaloma the fact that no organic market allows you tells me you do not have actual organic status, and "superfoods online" tells me you are a snake-oil salesman.

One of the fastest growing county in Canada Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Per capita they had the most farmer markets in Canada. Now only have a couple of daily farmer markets which are deadville for attendance and not even accepting new vendors or for online pickups. Even though I quicky dominated. the wholesome market microgreens in Lunenburg vegetables markets, restaurants and healthfood stores, also. Sold in 2 other counties. Mainly because of my experience selling microgreens in BC and Ontario.
Go ahead, ask me anything about microgreens a grower should Know? Or you don't know your snake oil Saleman.

@Castlepaloma What in the hell tdo martial law an ultranationaloism have to do with microgreens. There is zero relationship. ?t so7unds like you are bitter at losig your business and willing to blame everyone and everythingl

Wimsey was trying to accuse me of snake oil selling at no prevail.

Covid orders crushed my big business in sculpture. My privatization business of superfoods are working very well and tiny housing and orders regardless of government.

@Castlepaloma Your phrasing "at no prevail" is both awkward and incorrect" It should read "to no avail."
That seems to show some lack of familiarity with the English language.


Prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.
What is the big difference, it is what I meant. I don't claim to write well.
A world class artist picture is worth a thousand words and millions of fans. I speak other languages, can the adverage white American do that? Not from my experience on 4 continent tours.

Your very picky, what else are you picky about? .

@Having written quite a bit for publication I feel that it is important to use the langauge well and appropriately. By the way, I alsso speak another language. .

  1. No because there isn't any.
  2. A virus kills or makes you ill, doesn't fuel shit.
  3. Not even in the short run, but it might kill you.
  4. Next time I will bring my crystal ball to answer imbecilic questions based on nothing but speculation.
  5. Seems you are run by love of inane questions.

1 what? no Government law involved?
2. What? Did Trump, corperatism and your Government fueled nothing?
3.What? No martial law, no Centro banks or state will ever lie or will ever trick us again.
4. A denier of a dozen other ways to die greater than covid and worst to come.
5. I love nature, my work and people most, is that so inane?

@Castlepaloma 1. up to idiots to confuse government with nationalism
2. you said it, not me, simplification is the simpletons way of confusing things they do not understand
3. qanon conspiracy theories too? wow!
4. i deal with reality, already vaccined, I do not speculate but know that idiots may die if they don't vaccinate, other than that I do not deny nor ask imbecilic questions
5. no, but your stupid questions are


  1. Richard Dawkins said nationalism is more dangerous than religion. Is he an idiot too, or George Carlin voted number one comedain in the world. Who makes you think more importantly. Government give us the illusion of freedom and human rights, you don't.
  2. I said symbols are for the simple minded people. It's important to simplifed, like for many nationalist sheep.
    3 Everybody conspires or groups conspire against each other, To think conspiracy do not exist, is rediculous.
  3. Chemo therapy, radiation is another gold standard, for the wealthy that is.
  4. I don't find questions stupid, I do find nationalism, like Richard Dawkins, most dangerous

@Castlepaloma 1. No, I know Dawkins, you are no Dawkins. He didn't say government. You did.
2. You are "rediculous"
3. No shit, Sherlock!
4. Nationalism is not government. Are you that obtuse?

You know Dawkins, you don't even know my last name. He said nationalism, Government$ leads the greatest advertising of it.
You mean ridiculous
You know the results of chemo therapy and you trust covid vaccine
Try your human rights to be approved all the time. You will learn you only got privileges.

@Castlepaloma wow each post you post is dumber than the previous. Learn how to read you stupid moron


A long list of personal things you have called me. Have I called you negative thing like this?

Post dumber than the previous. Stupid moron, stupid asshole. Imbecilic questions based on nothing but speculation.
You are no Dawkins, (how could you possible know that? )

You are "rediculous" or ridiculous. Are you that obtuse?.
Seems you are run by love of inane questions. Up to idiots to confuse government with nationalism. (who promote$ nationalism most?)
Simplification is the simpletons ( what the hell does that mean? )
Ganon conspiracy theories too?(I don't vote or subscribe to Ganon r us) i deal with reality (Is your reality similar to Madd magazines ?)

Idiots may die if they don't vaccinate,(time will tell like Gates aid vaccine has increased 7 times the aids death rate in Africa.

I do not deny nor ask imbecilic questions. ( why do you keep asking or telling me? )
I own a BS detector.

Your stupid questions. (You know stupidity is really the leading cause of death.
I have not harmed anyone.

Why should I respond to a unreasonable conversation? Don't you see pointing a finger at someone, points three back at yourself?

@Castlepaloma amazing, you ask why yet you respond with lengthy nonsense, you've harmed yourself you dumb fuck.


I am friendly yet do ignore this much uncivilized BS, Goodbye


Yes. Traditional Patriotism in America is like a secular religion.

Thanks, I am not only one who was starting to feel crazy.


Vaccines are here to save the day. If people will get them.

If my prime mister fakes a vaccine that is smarter than President that promotes something like bleech.


Yes, no, no, yes , yes

Is that what you heard on your last date?

Good answer, but sorry Krish55 is even better.

@Krish55 as long as the last one is yes, the rest is all just chatter 😎


@Castlepaloma Obsession with this Anti-Lockdown mindset in the United States, it goes hand in hand with rightwing grievances. Opposition to abortion and immigration and claiming the election was rigged. If it weren't for Covid deniers, this would've not spread to this degree. The biggest culprit was Donald Trump advocating not following distance protocols and intentionally slowing down testing for fear those numbers would make him look bad. If he had followed proper mitigation, he would've been re-elected, but then that would call for him to care about people, which he doesn't. This stuff you're regurgitating from right wing websites is effective to vulnerable (ignorant) people.

Right and left are wings of the same bird eagle, that is a predators and scavenger. The President is of a corperatism nation, its little about an open free market or of a country. This corporatism club does not give a dam about you or me. They just want more for themselves and less for us. Trump is a puppet like Bill Gate vaccines and both are front men of the Rothschild and Rockefeller. That who you love and I prefer to ignore more often.

@Castlepaloma I want some of what you've been smoking.

Pot was illegal in this country for 90 years. They locked up more people from pot than all the rapist, murderer and child molesters. Today present, covid locks up and down more people than anything.

@Castlepaloma Pot is still illegal in the USA. May I suggest this link. []

Maybe your from backward ways of cannabis is public enemy number one. Plants are my love and cannibis is the most diverse for products and important plant in the world. I give you back your tin hat award for thinking rapist, murderer and child molesters are better than a very healthy plant. Your Government claims to own the patent on cannabis , who and what else do they own?

@Castlepaloma I don't oppose legalized marijuana. I just figured you were high with your Rockefeller, Rothschild hateful conspiracy theories.

@Castlepaloma i think you might get this week's Award for most confused, incoherent writing & "thinking". Congratulations???????

@Castlepaloma He didn't say anything about pot, he said he wanted what you were smoking.


Did you read his link. Still implying, I am off my rocker. Marijuana, microgreens and sunned mushrooms have saved my life and extended it a great deal. Without any help of state or banks. I don't hate or against anything, just not for some things.

If you guys want to climb into bed with the likes Trump, or Gates Rockefeller or Rothschild's ass holes, it's a free world.


Sorry, I won't accept your Wimsey award , although I know my writing needs work.

@Castlepaloma I contend you're a wingnut because of what you posted.


Been an artist and naturalist my entire life. Artist are suspect of having a screw loose, although I'm more balanced than most.

@Castlepaloma You've got some wingnut beliefs. That doesn't make you crazy it just makes you wrong.


Line me up with the crazies, because the way politics nationalism is, it's too insane for me.


Actually none of that makes any sense. Covid is not nationalism and you haven't demonstrated it even remotely is. The issue, at least in America, was incompetence in handling the crisis. You leaving that obvious fact out of your comment shows a blind spot that you should address.

redbai Level 7 Feb 27, 2021

I base my life on good sense. Often use common sense and some uncommon sense.
Or people can just follow the herd blindly.

@Castlepaloma The fact that you appear to believe that there is a binary involved, either herd mentality or accept your POV, shows levels of hubris and narcissism that really should be addressed by a professional. Here's a clue that might help. I can disagree with you and still not be part of some "herd mentality". Churn your brain cells on that for a while.


By a professional what? You mean like a Psychiatrists. Why would I go to a psychiatrist who have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Suicide kills more than the covid. Plus mental doc illnesses, they fuck with you more than the physical illnesses. Already medical professional is the leading cause of death in the world. A handfull of good friends and many of them are enlighten holistic artist and physical therapist is All I need.
Would not judge or wish any of this on any of you.

@Castlepaloma Do you usually ask questions, then answer them , then pretend that the other person you're speaking to agrees with your answer and go off on a rant about why it's wrong? That's very dishonest.

Given that many people commit suicide that don't go to therapy, some people claim that therapy actually pulled them away from suicide and you haven't demonstrated that therapy actually causes suicide, your argument against psychotherapy is just another demo of you presenting arguments with no viable premise outside of your personal, clearly myopic, opinion.

BTW, you still haven't demonstrated that the covid-19 virus and nationalism have anything to do with each other.

I said psychiatrist not psychologist. Psychiatrist have the highest suicide profession. Suicide deaths are higher than covid.

Walmart is the second largest corporation, next to US military in the world. They move in an area, price themselves lower than everyone. Then when the small businesses go bankrupted, Walmart makes big profits again. Same for the wealthy clubs and owners of us, do the same with covid.

Not angry or dishonest, not allowed in my circle.
Many agree with me, also many afraid to be backlash by their community.

@Castlepaloma Psychiatrists do not have the highest suicide profession.

So given that you were wrong about that, just imagine what else you're wrong about. Or is the concept of you being wrong so foreign to your reality that you can't accept it?

Nothing about Walmart is even remotely relevant but that's not stopped you before so I guess it would be silly for me to assume you wouldn't insert something absurdly irrelevant. Seems to be a tactic you use to distract from the apparent fact that you cannot demonstrate that Covid-19 has anything to do with nationalism.

I didn't say you were angry and answering your own question and pretending that it's my answer is dishonest whether you agree or not. Many agree there's an imaginary being in the sky making sure they don't masterbate, that doesn't make it true.


In my profession I'd be my own worst credit. When US government calls on illegal aliens (what planet? ) to Mexican' who once owned half of America, then who knows what reality is? My family is half Mexican and I assume the odd one is not a rapist or murderers. Lol.

I'm incorrect sometimes, and it will be adjusted immediately..By being presented with negativity and a whole lot of judgement name calling is not good enough proof of anything. I dissuss or debate. Arguments is an argy discussion which more I am hearing, it's inefficient

Your link says medical doctor are tops for suicides, plus

You don't connect large corperations to wars and military action or most wars with brown people . It makes no sense for me to go into the deep history there.

Honesty is best policy, and who is the master-debator here?

@Castlepaloma I'm assuming the references to Mexican is another irrelevant point you insert into the dialog for whatever bizarre reason you do so and will ignore it as it has nothing to do with anything I've said and can't connect it to anything you've previously said.

Your google link is nothing except the results of a google search demonstrating nothing and a "medical doctor" is not the same as a "Psychiatrists", so pointing to my link as if it demonstrates the veracity of your words is, at best, disingenuous.

The rest of your post is nothing except more irrational points not relating to the original OP in any way whatsoever, and still you have not demonstrated that Covid-19 has anything to do with nationalism..

Your going to see what you want see and do what you want to do. You won't understand the writing on the wall or patterns in history that make up corperate America power to destroy. The only war that US has ever won was the Mexican war with the six shooter, before that it was the arrow. So you won't see where US came from and where it is going. American are sick of war, so now it germ and virus wars on the people. Even chemo therapy today was from muster gas in world wars, ban for unfair warfare.

I can find many other links for psychiatrist as top in suicides, yet what's the sense. Some it's medical profession suicide, it back to the medical profession is the leading cause of death in the world.

@Castlepaloma Other links? You haven't provided any links to demonstrate psychiatrists as top in suicides. So you either don't know how to do that or you're lying. Back to that dishonest thing you have again.

Still waiting for you to make a connection between nationalism and covid-19, because you haven't done that either.


I sent you a google list you could picked 3 or 4 out about psychiatrist top suicides.
The burden of proof is on you if you have found even one lie. Let alone many beyond calling someone a liar or dishonest.

You want me to call up the Zionist to admit they own the banking, multi media and control America plan-edemic.
Then loose my job or life. Screw yourself.

@Castlepaloma Well first you said psychiatrist now it's physicians. So because you couldn't find anything to back up the comment about "psychiatrist who have the highest suicide rate of any profession", you've changed it to physicians which includes a multitude of different professions in the medical industry. Again, that's dishonest.

Who said anything about you calling the "Zionist" to admit anything? Oh yeah, that's you using that dishonest technique of attributing your ridiculous notions onto me and then criticizing me where I didn't say anything of the kind. So nothing I even remotely implied could cost you your job, you're just lying again.

Stop with all the blaming liar BS. The few links, they don't let me share it, plus I got a big business to run, I don't even give out my name. Although it was in the google areas I sent you, if your not too lazy to check them out for yourself

Israel is 80% ZIONIST fake Jews. I have even loss work for not being a Christian. Not everything is so black and white. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bill Gates and hidden Trump are Zionist.

@Castlepaloma Anyone who bothers to check your link will see that nothing in it demonstrates that "psychiatrist who have the highest suicide rate of any profession". You continuing to lie about it simply demonstrates a lack of integrity on your part.

Who the fuck cares if you can list a bunch of people you are paranoid about being Zionist? What has that got to do with demonstrating that COVID-19 is nationalism?

Indoctrination Nationalism and war all goes into programing of same people who created covid planedemic. Same people created all the wars since world war 2. It's the same secrets society that JFK talks about.

Suicide amongst doctors
Studies from Finland, Norway, Australia, Singapore and China have shown an increase in the prevalence of anxiety, depression, and suicidality among medical students and doctors.
In the US, physicians have the highest suicide rate of any profession (28 to 40 per 100,000), more than double that of the general population (12.3 per 100,000). What’s more, of all the medical specialties, psychiatry is near the top in terms of suicide rates.

I said Psychiatrists are in the top, top spot with physicians and dentist. These 3 switch in lending in suicides rates.

The findings also suggest that having knowledge and access to potentially lethal substances account for the higher rate of suicide completion in doctors. The review also showed that of all medical specialties, psychiatry is near the top in terms of suicide rates.May 8, 2018 › ... › News
Doctors' Suicide Rate Highest of Any Profession - WebMD

high suicide rate among psychiatrists (58 to 65/100,000 compared with that of the general population, 11/100,000) has been reported by the following: Freeman, Blachly et al, DeSole et al, and Pond. › jama › fullarticle
Suicide Rates Among Psychiatrists

@Castlepaloma The sad thing is that you appear to believe you're making sense.

Your disingenuous attempt to conflat psychiatry with other professions in the medical field to prove your false comment is failing.

Your just being really petty, I grouped the medical field and psychiatry among the very tops from the beginning. Both are the medical profession one of the mind and other the body and together they are the leading cause of death in the world is my point. I have not been off course from this. Your attempting to prove I am a liar and tear my character and dismantle my IMO. One thing my love ones know about ME, you don't. I'm most happy to die with integrity, just not for my spelling. Lol

@Castlepaloma No, I'm taking your words and making you stick to them instead of changing things once you find out you're wrong. I also haven't been attempting too prove you a liar, I've been asking you to demonstrate that the words you use aren't lies. That's YOUR responsibility. I didn't do anything but ask a question about something you said which you couldn't provide evidence to support.

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