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"People have lost the ability to judge what is real and what is not. What is reliable and what is not reliable."

Imho, America is quite literally undoing all of its progress and morphing into a backward society.

Watch this video. Thoughts?

MarvelAnn 8 Apr 15

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what ever the outcome , mother nature shall prevail. The earth will go on way beyond the human effect. We, as the homo spien are the cause of great harm and abuse, but the earth will rid herself of us when we reach the point of security verses free fall ignorance

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

There are people making a hell of a lot of money from denying science. There's the whole fossil fuels industry, of course, but there are also the nonGMO, organic, and gluten free foods nonsense. I get that there are people with Celiac's who legitimately cannot process gluten, but that's a relative rarity.

There are cleansing diets, detoxification, and other scams that people spend a fortune on. The people making money don't want to their customers to become educated.

Any way, there's way too much BS to cover it all, Neil deGrasse Tyson is spot on about the scientific ignorance that is pervasive in our country. It's sad that we've reached a point where stupid is the new cool. Fortunately, I think the younger generations are becoming a lot more skeptical. Maybe there's still hope.

JimG Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

@MarvelAnn my daughter-in-law taught in Dayton, OH for two years before the overwhelming hopelessness drove her into a different profession. You are either a superhero or a masochist.

Joking aside, I have no time for the anti-vaxxers. Ignorance is bliss, I know, but willful and dangerous stupidity is inexcusable.


Agree completely.


Hopefully all of this over the top right wing ignorance and insanity will be the thing that swings it back towad the center or center left. That is where most people are in America.If history is an indication, when things go to far left or right the people pull it back to the center, leaning a little left or right.


There has always been a strong streak of anti-intellectuism in America, but it's gotten much worse in the past few decades. I don't see it swinging the other way anytime soon. It's disenheartening.


The internet has become a source for is really rather frightening.


You didn't get the memo? Devolution Started in1980 (Reagan)

jeffy Level 7 Apr 15, 2018



I don't think that the US is morphing into a backward society.
I think the bulk of US society has always been backward.
Small minorities of rational people have emerged from this society to give us some technologies early on that weren't possible in societies that weren't as free, but overall the US is proud, to a fault, of its frontier past.
In their love of ignorance they made a word to mock smart people, "Nerd", and unless there's a "Nerd" revolution the US is aboard the short bus to fascism, where it's ok to burn books.


Mr. Tyson is correct. The denial that is happening here comes about because of those with dark money who are wanting total change today. The New Apostolic Reformation wants a "Chirstian Nation" and people like Mike Pence will go along with that. They are already in place. Some of it is backed by the Kock brothers, Mercers, Hobby Lobby, etc. They all see money escaping their hands if we continue as a Democracy. After all, we are a Republic and there cannot be any equality. They have bought into government and what is wanted is the money and the religion. It's this religion that gives the key for a fascist takeover.


Christians, Climate Change Deniers, and Oil Barons, have an agenda. Science proves their political positions they attack Science and try and convince the ignorant that Science is not reliable. Unfortunately they have been successful in their agenda.


That is what we gain for centuries of misled common sense.


His statement is true, The political and religious right, along with the extrme libertarians, are doing everything they can to limit and restrict rational, critical thinking, and intellectual activity. They are the most destructive force active in America today.


Brush up on "1984" unfortunately..

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