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My biggest indulgence? Oreo cookies, they come in a ton of flavors, having mint filled ones now. I eat healthy pretty much with the exception of Oreos. Left alone with a package of Oreos they will disappearπŸ™‚

ArdentAtheist 8 Apr 15

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I know I'm likely in the minority here, but I have never liked Oreos. The cream always tasted off & the cookie was never convincing as 'chocolate-flavor' to me. they just seemed so, I don't know factory contrived, I guess. But, that' why they make vanilla, chocolate & tuity-fruity!


I could tell you how bad these are for you, but why. You're a vegan and as bad as Oreo's are for you they do meet Vegan criteria. Besides, we should all allow ourselves at least one indulgence. No criticism from me. Do you dunk them? If so, in what?

Thanks... I do know they are not my best moment... I dunk them in ginseng tea. Good thing I have kids so I don’t get to eat them allπŸ™‚

Who dunks their oreos in tea? Lol, oops sorry, a little sarcastic humor and judgment slipped out. ???

@BeeHappy I dated a girl from Hull who found dunking in general to be a vile America habit, she could not understand why I would do such an evil thing to a perfectly good cuppaπŸ™‚ you are not alone in thisπŸ™‚ I can’t help it, perhaps I should seek therapy, lol

@ArdentAtheist, save your money! Although I don't quite understand dunking oreos in tea, I believe dunking in general to be a perfectly acceptable activity and have watched many food products dunked without it raising the hair on my arms. Myself, I have only ever dunked toast into hot chocolate as a child. To some that may seem odd.

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