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The men are the same but the political systems are vastly different. That is what matters in the end.


I see way too many similarities. Those that do not haven't studied Hitler like I did. I didn't have to study Trump. His ideas are an open book once you see where he is coming from.


VOTE! It is our only weapon.

Protesting is also a good weapon or maybe it’s the ammunition and voting is pulling the trigger?

@ArdentAtheist Great analogy. πŸ™‚


Spooky huh?


Vote in every single election every single time till the GOP goes extinct, then keep voting to keep it that way!

Or get stuck in and reform it until it is once again a conservative party of the liberal enlightenment.

@RobAnybody if the party can recover from what they have done and become great. It will need to be a new party republican in name only. If they can again become the party of Lincoln? at this point I will be surprised to say the least.

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