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If vaccine passports become a thing, needed to enter certain venues/ businesses, who would be willing to attend an "passport not required" rock festival or other event of particular interest to you?

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powder 8 Apr 7

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I have no desire to surround myself with intellectual turds. So that’s a “no” from me.

So you would refuse an enjoyable experience because of principle? Sounds a bit intellectually turdish to me.
Not talking during pandemic, but when things settle down but these passports will still be in play.

@powder I do not find the company of anti-intellectuals to be fulfilling or enjoyable.


I'm not going out in any crowds for a very long time until I'm sure that it is safe. The rest of the damn fools can go risk their lives, but I have no interest in playing that game.


I voted NO, and not just because I am a hermit.

I figure that a "passport not required" event, especially if advertised as such, would draw a most degenerate crowd. Those aren't people who I want to be around.




I didn't vote in the poll. It would depend on if the event is thumbing their nose at the precautions or is an open air safe event with masks where even those who can't be vaccinated just yet or ever due to health complications are welcome.

I currently attend outdoor concerts, pretty much weekly, where we are encouraged to social distance and have masks on us, but these have been going on all year, before we had a vaccine, and recent travelers were tested and also quarantined after travel, due to laws of my county.

Now, with travel opening up to my island with just a single test and no quarantine just this week, I'm still being careful with masking and distancing, but I feel much better now that I'm halfway vaccinated and 40% of residents on my island have had at least one dose. I will keep my distance with those who have recently traveled.

There is no way I would attend an event indoors - period - for quite some time yet. Outdoors I'm good with, but still no hugging and sharing food, and I can put on my mask if I can't avoid getting close with others. Have been invited to several potlucks lately, but I just say no.


Having been vaccinated in February I would have no issues attending such an event, but I would remain masked at this point, as the virus (in all its various forms) is still in the community and I would not want to contribute to its transmission.


It depends on whether the vaccinations are effective against the new variants.

posted to see how risk adverse people are now. Suspect if this poll was done in the 70's or 60's the "yes" vote would be the resounding winner. 2021.........lets see

@powder Wait, the 60's or 70's? The decades of 'free love' when the worst STDs were crabs and gonorrhea? How our risk calculus has changed!

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