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Always remember....
ALL RELIGION is a despicable lie!

Humanism and atheism is the answer

BSCSWM 2 Apr 17

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Preaching to the choir. Amen!


I think respecting others opinions and rights to think like they want to is the key and not try to judge others


Atheism is my answer ... to a single question.


The answer to what?


Religion... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

How is it despicable to help widows and orphans in need while avoiding worldly corruption?

Word Level 8 Apr 17, 2021

Well, who is to define "wordly corruption" Is it masturbation? Amassing wealth (which might involve giving livelihoods to many)? Vanity? (defined by whom, you? Which would be a Huge form of vanity!) Aaanndd etc

@AnneWimsey I guess if you put the definition of the 2 words together you could understand what is meant by the 2 words when used together.

worldly. Means

  1. (of a person) experienced and sophisticated.
    "she was much more worldly than Nora and dismissed the slur"
  2. of or concerned with material values or ordinary life rather than a spiritual existence.
    "his ambitions for worldly success"

Corruption Means

  1. dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.
    "the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places" the action of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being so.
    "the word “addict” conjures up evil and corruption"

  2. the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.
    "a record of a word's corruption"

    decay; putrefaction.
    "the potato turned black and rotten with corruption"

@AnneWimsey As I get older, it’s otherworldly corruption that increasingly concerns me. Can I take my worldly corruption with me after I die? Sure hope so.


Always remember...

Hit “submit” ONCE.

skado Level 9 Apr 17, 2021

And go take down the "hiccups"!


Who, in their right mind can even forget that?


How many times you planning on posting that? Spammer.


What's the question? And how do you know any answer is right?


Okay already! For the third time. I'll always remember.


Works for me!

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