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Have a weird childhood pet story?

When I was sixteen, my mare, La Bruja, foaled while I was attending the Haiti missionary kid (MK) summer camp. I didn’t even know she had been pregnant.

The colt, Suki, was born white, but soon turned buckskin like his mom. But Suki knew who his father was, streaking back and forth between where my stallion, Lightning, and La Bruja were tethered.

I had read that the 6th century Greek wrestler, Milo of Croton, lifted and carried a newborn calf every day for four years as it grew up, gradually becoming very strong in the process, so, soon after his birth, I began carrying Suki around for ten minutes every day..

He didn’t think much of this, but since he was too little to protest, he had to accept it.

After a couple of months, I spent the weekend at a friend’s house, and upon my return, despite my best efforts, I could only get the front part of Suki off the ground.
I continued to struggle to lift him until he’d had enough.

With an angry squeal, Suki suddenly stomped down hard on my bare foot with his sharp pogo-stick hoof, gave a mighty heave, and shook himself loose.

That ended my Milo of Croton strength hopes, and I soon abandoned further lifting attempts.

birdingnut 8 Apr 16

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When I was young we had to give away my German Shephard named Bingo, because we were moving to an apartment. Bingo had never been to our new place, but one day my Mom was doing dishes and Bingo showed up at our balcony, his paws on the railing of our suite.


I had a cat that would steal teabags out of the trash can and hide them, I think she was addicted to caffeine, she also would try to get under the water pouring out of the sink faucet to take a shower until then I thought cats hated water.


It was the 1950s and I was about 5 years old. Our family lived in an old house with a big kitchen and an old kitchen stove. It used wood and kerosene and stood about 8" from the floor. Our cat had a litter of 8 kittens, and my mother had rigged a wooden box in back of the stove for the kittens to sleep in so they'd be warm. The kittens were about 6 weeks old and I loved to play with them while my mother fixed dinner.

On one occasion, I decided to take some of my old doll clothes and dress up my favorite kitten in a dress and a big floppy bonnet that covered the whole kitten. Well, all the others were napping in the box in back of the stove when the one I was holding started to squirm and jumped out of my arms, sprinting under the stove for the safety of her "home". When she jumped into the box, all the others, including Momma Kitty, shot out from under the stove like so many firecrackers going off on the 4th of July in all different directions, scaring everyone in the house. Of course, 5-yr-old me was rolling on the kitchen floor, laughing so hard that I couldn't even talk to explain to my parents what had happened.

That's a scream!


Giiiirrrrl that's craycray..daaaamn!


We had a dog, Skippy, who could climb over our 6' high fence, so my dad tied him to a tree. I went out one morning to find him hanging, dead. I was heart-broken. I said to my dad, "we'll be together in heaven, me and Skippy." My dad replied, "no Steve, dogs don't go to heaven." That was the day I decided I didn't want to go to heaven either! So why would heaven only be humans? No insects, no birds, no turtles or coons? I'd rather go where the critters all go, return to the soil and nourish a tree or some wildflowers.

Don't worry, there's no heaven, but since we're all utimately energy, which can't be created or destroyed, and time and space are an illusion, then we and our pets have always existed and will always exist in some energy form.
So, yeah, your pet dogs could be running around reincarnated or something.


I love good stories.


Interesting. Suki got strong fast!

A lot faster than I'd thought...

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