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Lol! never thought of it before!

Basem 7 May 4

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We sure did! So we took that clause out. Then my husband died at 42. Guess he’s still stuck with me…

Zster Level 8 May 4, 2021

That's one clever dinosaur!

BD66 Level 8 May 4, 2021

Um... A get out of jail free card? BOB Almighty must be paying some attention to us mortals.


According to Mormon teaching marriage is eternal and so is pregnancy, the men serve god for all time, the women produce spirit children to raise, along with all the ghosts of infant mortality, miscarriage and abortion.
However if you make it in to Mormon super heaven you can have a slave to help you, these are the ghosts of all the black people who died before 1979, when god changed his mind and decided black people were human after all.
With this extra help you might one day become a god yourself and populate your own planet with all of you wife's spirit progeny.
So that is something to look forward too.


Actually this question is there.
After death according to the bible we are free from human "limitations" and we don't have the reproduction task, thus sex, gender and family becomes irrelevant as we get close and direct contact with the creator.
I am not saying that I believe in this stuff, I am just reporting the way it is written.

Except in Mormonism IIRC.

@Theresa_N Mormon have other sacred texts, not exactly Christianism.


This bigger question is: 'til vs till. Are both correct?

Yep, both are correct. I looked it up a while ago, finding that "till" is the older usage.

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