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I am seeking an intelligent woman who chooses knowledge over belief. A critical thinker who strives to understand the world around her. Getting weary of the 2nd or 3rd date getting to the god bless you conversation. Are there any Colorado Springs locals who want the same thing as me? Intelligence first, humor second, beauty third.

StevenC 3 May 18

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I found my lady on FB Dating....tho neither one of us were trying too hard at the time. What caught her attention was me labeling myself an atheist.

twill Level 7 May 23, 2021

Hmmm...I was under the impression that the Springs has a fairly large atheist community. Have you searched on for atheist or freethinker groups there? You will find more conversation than connection here, which is not a bad thing. We do have a number of successful couplings, however, so don’t be completely discouraged.
You have made the same post six times. It would serve you well to delete five of them. Go to your profile to do that.


Air Force town, the beast is pretty strong there eh
best of luck
atheists prolly keep a pretty low profile there
Craigslist maybe
or you could maybe just help a believer see the light?


As has been stated, this is more community than meeting /dating.

There's one couple here that's engaged. I keep waiting for my invite to their wedding but to no avail. That aside, they met here and are about the only couple I can think of that's likely going to be more than online friends here.

You really would do better on a site or sites designated for meeting dating.

We have had several couples meet here...most are no longer here, however.

I agree, the only issue is that there is a huge proportion of religious/spiritual on traditional dating sites. Plus a lot of them are jam-packed with bots that try to get you to go to pay sites.


I would delete all but one of your postings, otherwise any woman coming across them will figure you do not know anything about computers and think your not a very smart catch.


Your need to delete 5 of your postings.


Someone should tell you that while this site claims to be a possible dating resource, it mostly isn't. We mostly just chat here without a whole lotta dating going on. You're probably better off at one of the sites designed specifically for dating.

That being said, I do enjoy the Saturday night virtual orgies we have.

I am here for the community and discussion, even tho it ain't what it used to be before we lost a lot of members, I'm on Batch for the dating...


you're going to be seeking for a long time, women don't care about that shit, they only care about what u can provide for them, truth hurts!

Gee, does that mean that some women are selfish opportunists who use men to get what they want? You know my ex-wife!

@Sgt_Spanky I'll take "What is Yes?" for $500, Alex....

Nope. That's may be true for you and your personal experience but I know the other side of that story.

I've been divorced 20 years. In all that time, there's been handsome (a few stunning) men, there's been financially wealthy and handsome men, there's been a plethora of handsome and financially stable men, etc., etc., that I meet and maybe dated a time or two. What was the problem? Usually a complete void in the sense of humor department and most always, lack of intellectual compatibility.

Handsome, rich, those two combined are easy to find. Intellect and humor??? Nearly non-existent. They really are all (or almost all are) taken. (And good for them!)

@SeaGreenEyez ....gee. i wonder what they would say about what the problem was.

I KNEW I was going to end up blocking you...

@MsKathleen ........ sounds like a win - win for me. knock yourself out, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

@MsKathleen ..but before you go, how many replica fake accounts do you have here?

@SeaGreenEyez I have humor and intellect, but have remained pretty much untaken for a few years now in the dating game. Unfortunately, SGE, the women in my local dating pool my age are pretty much very different than you, as in they are hung up on only dating men that are the newest shiny toy, ie. handsome, wealthy, and with kids. I do not fall into any of those categories, as I am average-looking, financially comfortable but far from having sugar daddy money, and childless by choice. I simply don't fit their shopping list. Too bad all the women like you live hundreds or more miles away.

@HeAdAkE, when you say "women" do you mean all women? Are you saying all women don't care about that shit, they only care about what u can provide for them?

@TomMcGiverin You've stated this innumerable times. There are a LOT of factors that go into who meets who, who doesn't wish to meet whomever. You're painting ALL women with the same brush is very likely part of the problem because most people (not just women) aren't interested in negativity and "poor me" attitudes.

Also, are you willing to travel? Or are you looking for someone in your own zip code? Geography is a deal breaker for most. Maybe the dating pool in your area is simply a wading pool.

I know, for a fact, not all people (not just women) aren't all shallow /hollow eye-candy seekers or gold diggers.

@SeaGreenEyez I never said they all are, it just appears that most of them in my local dating pool, or puddle, appear to be. And yes, geo is a dealbreaker for me. I need the emotional support of my local longtime friends too much to risk moving away and then hoping the relationship works out. Same thing with LD dating, too much time, money, and emotional rollercoaster for my tastes. In my local area, the dating pool is more like a puddle or wading pool, at least for people like me who are not part of the cultural mainstream, which I have defined for my local area on these boards ad nauseum. I am not going to change to fit into that dating pool of having to be religious, be very family-oriented, into college sports bigtime, into country music, conservative politics, and having social drinking as the center of one's social life. Not for me. So I have to settle for seeking a partner from the 2-3% of the local dating pool that are compatible for me.

You also underestimate my intelligence and self control. On Agnostic here, I can vent and bluntly state my feelings and opinions about the dating game, as does everyone else here. On Batch or actual dating sites, where few or more likely, none, of the single women in my local area from dating sites are likely to ever venture, much less read anything I post here on Agnostic, I am more than careful to keep my opinions to myself about the dating game and such. In fact, when women from Batch try to engage me in a game of sharing war stories about the dating game and dating sites, I politely decline and say I would rather focus on the positive and learn more about them. Seems to work every time. So, in a nutshell, I effectively manage my messaging on dating sites, as well as offline interactions with women from dating sites, not here, to avoid tipping my hand on the things you feel I am too negative about.

Nice try at pegging me for self sabotaging with women I connect with on Batch, but you're wrong about me on that. I am willing to date within 55 miles of where I live. I think most people are like that. If that's too limited for your standards, too bad.

@TomMcGiverin I'm not labeling you as anything. I just know what you've stated to me, personally, often.

In my personal life, being unable to meet anyone that was what I was looking for, lead me to one conclusion : stop looking. There comes a point when it's pointless.

You do it however you'd like. I've never found complaining about something as a productive thing, but that's just me.

@SeaGreenEyez I keep looking because I know, from my one LTR and marriage, that I am way happier when I am in a positive relationship than when I am alone, so I won't give up looking. As far as all that happy, fairy tale stuff about how you always find the right one once you stop looking, I think it is exactly that, garbage... I don't buy it, at least not at my age. It just doesn't happen that way.

I have never said or felt that it was pointless, as I did find someone fairly compatible after two years of active, constant searching on Batch, even tho in the end it didn't work out. It was enjoyable and I was happier when I was dating that woman for six months. I have recently also met another woman on Batch that I have had three dates with. She seems pretty compatible and is attractive to me and vice versa, so in no way does it seem "pointless", just an uphill battle against long odds that usually involves a lot of waiting between times that the few compatible women for me come onto the market and the dating site with each round of deaths and divorces among coupled people.

As for complaining, I have to respectfully disagree with you. I find it is helpful to both complain AND continue showing up and taking my shots at finding someone. Complaining helps with venting and getting the negative emotions out, while at the same time continuing to do the footwork necessary to use the opportunities on Batch and reach out to those who seem compatible.

@SeaGreenEyez To be fair, as an outsider on this conversation (I don't really agree with either side fully on this) there is something peculiar about your response. While it is true that rich and handsome doesn't necessarily equal winner, it is often times the entry ticket to at least play. I didn't see where you said you dated average looking dudes with no money. Basically, you guys are arguing two different things.
I am with you on the rest of this though. I've given up too.


Bless your heart!


please delete five of these. You posted this six times which is very unnecessary.

No fucking shit!

why does it bother u so much? he's clearly desperate and he's trying hard 😛

I'm sure it wasn't intentional but the app often takes so long to respond to the submit command, he probably clicked it numerous times before it posted so that all the other clicks posted too.

@Sgt_Spanky That has happened to me before, but I was conscientious enough to notice soon after and delete the extra posts. Some people just post away and never even come back to read or check on the comments about their post.

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