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Aren't we all mongrels (mixed race) anyway?
I find it kinda startling that in this day and age, there are still people who are stuck with a binary way of thinking about racial identity; "If you are not white, you must be black." 🙄

Ryo1 7 May 24

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The HUNS. Attila? Not white. HUNgarians? White? What is that "white " thing anyway. No drops of ????? 100% what? Absurd remnants of colonialism. Muslims married their enemies. Spain heavily influenced by Moroccans, Moors, Africans, adopted the practice Thusly Mexico has indigenous people threw out the nation. Anglo/Germanics displaced & concentrated them. Thusly USA has RESERVATIONS.


The "1 drop rule" is whitey's invention. Mixing DNA only makes us stronger as a species. I have always advocated outbreeding at the expense of friendships, family, society. We have never addressed our "original sin". Perhaps we are doing it now. Embrace diversity. A quilt of many colors is America. Strive to sew it back together again. Reach out to the sane. Not Mad Marge!


Yeah. Long overdue. Society still looks at us as black or white. I think that's changing though.
The "half and halfs" are many.


Much like domestic pets a racial mix is healthier and more attractive.
I'm from the South which has the one drop rule, that if you have even one ancestor that isn't white no matter how far back you're like contaminated or something.
This sort of thing is why I got the fuck out of the South.
Unfortunately my family thought our Native American ancestry on my paternal grandmothers side was a thing to be ashamed of and it took decades to find it out.
We're part Choctaw, but for about five years when asked my Dad would say we were members of the Hacksaw tribe, until I blew up and yelled at him for disrespecting his ancestors.
Cultural Southerners tend to hamstring themselves with their own stupidity.
There are enlightened people in the South, but toxic white Southern culture is just an excuse to stop evolving. Sadly I've met culturally Southern people from all over the country. Particularly in the North East, the Archie Bunker types.
White people don't have the genetic diversity to attempt speciation as they have the last few hundred years.

The next time someone asks me what tribe I'm from, The Bandsaw tribe.

I hate to tell people this but we all have black mitochondrial DNA within us. The first people were Black and we all decent from them, so sorry folks there are no pure whites.

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