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What's Your National Animal?

Coldo 8 Apr 17

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If Ben Franklin would have got his way turkeys would be the American bird. Congress settled on the Bald Eagle because it is the only animal that can weather the storm.


Macropus rufus, the red kangaroo, but Latvia wins, a Ladybug.


Given whats disastrously going on in the U.K at the moment we should have a heraldic guinea pig!




Bald eagle, saw one eating a dead deer on the side of the road this morning.


Dragon beats your imaginary unicorn 😉

Komodo Dragon ?

@Coldo err no

@SimonMorgan1 Oh,another mythical creature.


American Bison


Scotland has unicorns? I didn't know, I didn't know any one had unicorns, That's really cool.Well anyway USA we have the Bald Eagle. And A hello to Scotland. Just having fun.

The Rampant Lion is commonly used, but it was the Unicorn.

I heard of Lions, but the Unicorn? lol I love Scotland and Irland

Aye, bloody things all over the place here. This time of year the young males are driven out by their mothers and sisters. You find them killed or injured by the roadside almost every morning in the countryside.

That's a damm shame. I wonder how much it would cost to ship on to me. I would love to have it here on the farm.


Bald Eagle in the US... soon to be replaced with some sort of bottom feeding aquatic creature, I think.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 17, 2018

I think it should be the herring


Bald Eagle in US folks?


I think its a lion. but I may be lyin'


A Springbok. Do I get a prize fir the correct answer ?


The Bald Eagle, I pressume.

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