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Feel like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, today, with 45 mph winds! My Ma named me after Judy Garland (you already know how old I am!!!!)

Stay safe, Albuquerque!

(Workin’ on those “levels “ though I’m not yet sure if it matters!)

JudyABQ 5 Apr 17

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I live south on the Rio Grande from you, I am so done with the wind. It has blown every day for over two weeks, sometimes with hellacious gusts. My sinuses have taken a beating from all the dust and pollen.


Here's a thumbs up and a few more points.


I'm in Cloudcroft and it's just as bad

I've only driven through Cloudcroft once, I think. Very pretty? Touristy?

@JudyABQ it's very pretty and currently lacking in tourist 🙂.


Windy in my area, too. But most of it is farther north today.


Having the same here and the wildfires are raging again. Now the idiot across the street has fired up his BBQ grill.

"Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right!"


Is almost always windy up here. My house is made out of 14 inches of solid concrete the wind never affects us. They think Chicago is the windy city whoever made that statement has never been to our windy resort.

Oh, Hey! I used to travel through Vaughn quite regularly. Pretty quiet, que no?

@JudyABQ I love it here. Bought my house from the VA in 2016 my twins and I live here. The house needs work I am getting to it slowly. The lady that owned the sands motel here told me at one time my house was thought of as a mansion lol. There is much bigger house around now. Is quiet I have had deer in my driveway. The lady down the street said there was a cougar in my tree some years back.


It’s crazy here in Colorado, too!
Tie down the gutters, batten down the walls (or something like that ?)


Luv it!!!!

Thanks for one of the great moments of film history. Thoroughly enjoyed!


There is one thing I liked about Vegas... never in the movies showed to be windy but is a windy place... what I liked was that the wind is loud, vey loud and with a peculiar strong voice of its own. Las Vegas, the city built in a crater of the moon. Stay anchored everyone, I am in Maryland... simply back to cold this week.


It's soooo dusty! Not a big fan. At least it gets the seeds off the fruitless mulberries faster.

You know, Rhetoric, I never had any problems with allergies....until I came to NM! I guess it's a trade off for shoveling thigh-deep snow!


The wind literally almost knocked me over here.
And dust ? The brown-outs come and go.

really wild the past week. I have hit the ground twice


Here you go! []

Hi Raven.....I left CT in kids are still there; my son is at UCONN, not too far from Woodstock? ( I may have dated a man from Woodstock ROFL!)

@JudyABQ UConn Storrs is just about 30 mins. away. Not far at all.

Apparently this area breeds agnostics? 😉

@JudyABQ Date me! I was at Woodstock.

@Kennebec11 Other Woodstock. lol


Levels grant responsibility.

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