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It's getting harder as I when a family member passes.😕

WayneDalton 7 June 10

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Death is part of the circle of life. We can't avoid it, no matter how hard we try. When my end comes I want a "good" death. No suffering, no machines, a chance to say goodbye to the loved ones and say my last words of encouragement to them. My mom died at 45, way too young. She never got to meet any grandchildren. I have outlived mom by 18 years so far. I have grands that will remember me forever. I have tangible evidence of my existence. All of the children have quilts that I have made for them. If I die tonight I'm pretty sure the oldest grand will remember me. You're never truly gone as long as your memory lives on. I'm doing my best to leave a trail of solid evidence that I once walked the earth. And I think that is all you can do. Now I gotta tell ya, if one of my kids dies before I do I will not be so sanguine. That would be out of the "normal" order of things. And if one of the grands... don't even think on that. I'm not ready to go now, but I am not afraid of it when it does come for me.


Sorry for your loss.

barjoe Level 9 June 10, 2021

Transitions of loved ones are very sad. Beautiful, fond memories come flooding over.

In my case, I tried what they always wanted me to be..... 'Happy'. I know the sorrow, so I wrote in my will that I would be cremated quick and the cheapest and my loved ones should go out and party to celebrate my life. Of course it is on me.


Try to review the good times more than the bad. Celebrate those who are left to honor those lost.

I agree. You are left with many good, warm memrories which will remain with you as long as you remain cognizant.

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