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I've written about Rick before a couple of times right after the presidential election. This will be the first time I give him a name, and I hope also the last time I feel that I have to write about him. In my job with the public you also have to watch what you say.

In recap, Rick came in to our store right after the election and said soon we were going to "get our rightful president back." He gave the info and swore it was true coz he is ex-military and his son is military right now. Rick gave a date for Trump's return but he had to change it on a second visit. Our employees were quiet, but I said I disagreed with him fully. I could not discuss it, and my boss at the time does not want people discussing it, but I fully disagree. Since those visits we have a new boss.

Rick came in 2 days ago and asked me if I had figured out who my president was yet. I told him I thought so, and there was no question of it. I followed up by saying I studied American government in school and I know the secession of offices if certain leaders are absent. I also said that "presidential reinstatement" is not even in the Constitution, let alone a part of this. It simply is not happening.

This was when Rick claimed what he is really talking about is how Trump is our 19th president because of some happening in the 1870's when Congress did away with our government as we know it, and Trump is coming back soon as leader of a new and stronger Republic. At this point I simply had had it, and said the following almost word for word as our employees and others inside the store listened on.

"Rick, I do not care about it, do not want to hear about it, or know about it. Please stop. This is all plain f@@king QAnon bullshit. You know it and I know it. Almost every thinking person knows it, so why would I even discuss it? Do not ever talk to me about this bullshit again." Rick left the store angry claiming I would see someday for a fact and he also claimed I said he was full of shit.

I was afraid for the language I had used but came to work the next day hearing my new boss tell it all to my dispatcher who had left early. The new boss says he is afraid he is going to have to have a talk with Rick. The new boss heard it all that day.

DenoPenno 9 July 1

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Good for you and the new boss!


I don't fully understand. You work in a store and Rick is... a customer?
You mention a dispatcher does deliveries?
Also...old boss/ new boss...different attitude about Rick only, or bullshit customers in general?

twill Level 7 July 1, 2021

I deliver auto parts in a national corporate chain. Rick is a customer and customers can also simply come into the store to buy things. As a person who delivers I also have a dispatcher that sends me on deliveries. The boss can also do this and does at times and so do counter people if a delivery just came in over the phone. This keeps me busy. We are supposed to be very polite, and the customer is always right. My old boss was a Trumper. My new boss can be whatever corporate wants him to be and he thinks we should be treated more respectfully.

The solution here is not for me to be more respectful. It is for customers to come in and buy their parts without trying to provoke political arguments.

@DenoPenno Thanks for clarifying


I don't understand why people like Trump. In his four years as President the only major legislation was the tax cut which cut taxes for rich people and did nothing for the working man.

And what is 46 doing about that? So far, nothing. He hasn't raised the taxes on the wealthy and lower them for the middle class. WTF??

@K9Kohle789 SOS, but we knew that already

@K9Kohle789 Biden can't get by the filibuster with only 50 Democratic Senators and Manchin and Sinema blocking any rules changes. Manchin is also blocking reconciliation.

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