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So, according to the Cyber Ninjas audit, Trump actually got 267 fewer votes than originally certified, and Biden got 99 more.

In light of this 366 vote swing in Biden's favor, could somebody please explain why Texas is going to do an audit of their 2020 Presidential election results???

Just when I start to think that maybe Gov. Asshat has reached the absolute limits of stupidity, he proves Albert Einstein right once again:
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
-- Albert Einstein

mcgeo52 8 Sep 24

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Don't trust ANYTHING trumpists say or do.


I was trying to find out more on the topic and found this, "While we have some concern that this is all an epic troll(preliminary report), that auditors created a fake document to show that the liberal and biased press is willing to jump at anything to discredit the audit... Our sources say this is the report — perhaps not the final version, but a late draft. The topline findings shouldn’t deviate from this too much, they said." So now we have to see the final report.


A Butt (hole)'s popularity is crashing and he probably feel desperate. To these idiots any way to gain power is permissible.


These people will do anything they can to get Trump "reinstated." There is no provision for reinstatement in our system and never was one. Trumpanzees now claim the military will show up and reinstate Trump. This amounts to no more than wishing for a Trump dictatorship. They will keep trying, and our system is now in a political civil war. Trumps people want to keep saying it until it becomes reality. All Trump wants is to be president. He has no other plans other than destroying Democracy.


The gop will need distractions as it heads towards shutting down the government. moscow mitch and the trump gop are the biggest danger to American democracy.


I believe Trump wants to focus on the precincts won by Biden.

You mean like Maricopa County?

That worked out well for him, didn't it?

About that Einstein quote:
Donald Trump and/or Greg Abbott = Q.E.D.

@mcgeo52 The cities of of San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso and Dallas went blue, as well as much of the counties along the border. Evidently Trump has decided that this bothers him now and so Mr. Abbott must comply with his Sith master.

@p-nullifidian, I get it. The cry baby can't accept the fact that he lost. Why should the people of Texas waste millions of dollars on the idiot?

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