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Given everything we lived through in the Cold War, isn't it odd to see some of the aspects of this?

I'm very curious what the content of the alleged disinformation is.

Flowerwall 7 Sep 30

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I look at this way, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are a 21st century version of a magazine subscription. If an autocratic and insecure government (e.g., Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Cuba, Russia, Turkey, etc., you name it) doesn’t appreciate the comments in the “letters to the editor“ section (i.e., the blogs and posts), then they will ban the magazine (website) and seek to punish anyone who might seek a means to access it.


RT (or anyone else) can voice their opinion(s) anywhere/anytime they like -- ON THEIR OWN DIME. 😛

"Russia Threatens Retaliation After YouTube Deletes RT Germany Account

RT Germany's YouTube ..."

I am curious about how the banning process even works. I have heard yters mention 3 strikes. This doesn't seem fair at all. I would think the numbet of infractiins should be much higher and the content very majorly problematic. From what I could gather the German language RT was discussing covid lockdowns and vaccine criticism. Now both of those topics could each be sources of highly problematic disinformation, or maybe just presenting a very different opinion. What other type of content did the channel cover the whole time? What was it exactly that was the problem? How many times did it occur? These are qs to know the answers too.

@Flowerwall YT can 'ban' for whatever they think violates their policies.
You can monitor whatever BS promoted by RT to get clues (I don't recommend that).

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