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So there must be Karma of some sort roaming around this world.
Just learned that the "Town Nuisance Doom-sayer, God-mobster and roaming, ranting. raving Lunatic Preacher," NO, not our newly converted member of the Baptist Community, aka Evangeloon, has fallen victim to being stupid enough to believe the garbage he spreads.
According to the local Bush-Telegraph service, much more trustworthy,which isn't all that hard to be imo, than Fox Media, etc, btw, "Doom-sayer, God-mobster" defied Covid Restrictions last week, went on his "Wandering Mission of Evangelism" to a township in Victoria and caught a dose of the Covid -19 Delta variant while there.
He is now in hospital, not requiring the assistance of a Respirator at present but may POSSIBLY require one IF his condition does not improve soon.
Yes I know I'm NOT being kindly and sympathetic, etc, BUT, imo, Tough Titties, he preached how HE was vaccinated with Jesus, How he was immune to Covid because Jesus was in him, how we who had discarded Jesus and God, gotten ourselves vaccinated would ALL fall to the Covid virus, etc, etc, NOW he's then one who has it and we have just been released from Level 4 Restrictions after 5 days STRAIGHT with NO Covid Infections detected.
Yes, shit happens, but when Karma is tossing it, it seems the accuracy is 100% perfect.

Triphid 9 Oct 12

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Maw used to say if yer gonna be stupid ya better be tough....


What are even humans or unicorns walking on this earth

m123 Level 2 Oct 13, 2021

Well now, just bless his lil' heart

twill Level 7 Oct 13, 2021

My ideas of karma are different than yours. I claim that karma is simply "doing." One Jewish friend agrees with me. As for Evangeloon, it is a shame he is sick but he brought this upon himself 100 percent. I see these types every day and they say anything to avoid being vaccinated. No, it is not in your bible or your Constitution, I tell them. Your god says nothing about it. I've always thought that the religious think they have something you do not. This is why they are so defiant. In the case of Covid and its variants this will prove to be true simply because they do not listen.
My own older daughter is one of them. This crisis came and she turned back to religion. No vaccines for her. At my work a Trumper girl is now sick with Covid. Maybe she has the "China Flu." Even without religion people simply do not listen. In Wisconsin I have a vaccinated social media friend who got Covid and was sick only 6 days. All of this adds to the anti-vaxxers of any reason to make their claims that you can be vaccinated and still get sick. The subject and situation is really a mess.


How did he get across the border?

Same Victorians have doing since N.S.W. - Victorian Borders were closed months ago, he used the back-tracks, the river roads and river crossing that aren't patrolled or checked regularly.
Plus, as far as everyone knows, he travels everywhere on foot because, in HIS words, " Jesus walked everywhere on his mission, cars are the inventions of the Devil, Jesus hated cars and so do I."
Funny that, I knew there were horse drawn Chariots back in those days BUT never were there ACTUAL motor vehicles as far as I know.


I'll feel bad for the kids who don't really get a choice and the adult who have a legitimate (i.e. medical) reason for not getting it. But for folks who are just stealing the oxygen from the rest of us... I just laugh.

I like that thought . . stealing oxygen from the rest of us.... gonna use that when local antivaxers start spouting off! Thanks

@bookofmorons Feel free to use the more enunciable "oxygen-thief! "


As @KKGator says, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Oh that's too bad......hahahahaha......


It's damned near impossible for me to feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for these idiots.
I'd like to believe in karma, but I don't.
However, I do believe, most of the time, that you reap what you sow.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.



Exactly my response/reaction when I was told about it all.

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