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Today Is National Scrapple Day! Most Of Have Know Idea What That Is. Your Loss.

barjoe 9 Nov 9

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Bubble and squeek in UK ? (leftovers?)

Its an Amish dish, popular in PA, Southern NJ, Delaware and Maryland. It's good.


I finally looked it up since everyone was telling me how it tastes or feels, it's hogshead cheese with cornmeal added.

I haven't made it in years but I never used hogshead. Yuck. Cooked shoulder or a fatty loin in the pressure cooker to it got soft. Mashed up the meat with the broth and added the cornmeal. Poor into pans and let it cool. I just buy it in the store anymore. Habbersetts.

@barjoe The only difference based on the recipe between hogshead cheese and scrapple is you add cornmeal after you remove the bones and meat from the broth. Both use the left over bones and meat from butchering and some internal organs.

@glennlab I don't want to argue about it. They are completely different. Have you ever had scrapple? No? I've had both. They are different. Head Cheese is a smoked lunch meat, a disgusting one. I don't know how they make head cheese down in Texas, up here it's a cold cut that I don't know how a human being can eat.

@barjoe Joe, hogshead cheese is a side dish, what ever they are calling it up there sounds disgusting. It is normally put in a jello mold and has the consistancy of Asian jello, really stiff.

@glennlab That sounds even more disgusting.


Mmmmm scrapple!!!! Metalhead222 took me to a restaurant for it! Really good!


OK, what is it?

I'm sure someone else knows specifically, but to me it always tastes like a really dense sausage. Then again, we ate fried SPAM when I was growing up, so maybe I'm the wrong one to say. 🙂

@Lauren I think a bunch of us in our generation ate fried spam. I tried some a few years ago, and exceeded my salt intake goal for a week.

@glennlab Oh, all that salt, breaded and deep fried in real grease, what could be bad about that?

@Lauren It tastes like a pork croquette. Crunchy on the outside creamy on the inside. Scrapple is awesome, mostly in Pennsylvania, NJ and Delmarva Baltimore and DC area. So good. We don't do spam, we've got Taylor Ham (pork roll)

@barjoe I know what it is and just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

@barjoe I remember a dense creaminess, and I loved the crunchy outside. I don't quite recall it as awesome, but I haven't been to the northeast in a long time so perhaps I'm not remembering it well. I would definitely choose it over Spam. 😁

@glennlab It reminds me of chorizo without the chili. Same texture and what I would imagine how it would taste without the chili.

@Lorajay I take it you are judging it by the ingredients. I have made it from scratch and only used pork shoulder, corn meal mush and seasonings []

@barjoe I tried to eat it once the texture really gagged me. Maybe I was thinking too carefully about the ingredients.

I eat pork rinds all the time.

@glennlab In Cincinnati they have something called Goetta, it's sort of like scrapple. Low country in the South has something called liver pudding slightly similar but not nearly as good as scrapple. Haggis is a similar. Scrapple is not nearly as weird and much easier to make. It's also very cheap to buy in the store.

@barjoe from what I was able to look up, it's just a reigonal variation of hogshead cheese.

@glennlab It's not. Head cheese is a disgusting lunch meat, even grosser that olive loaf. Yuck. Scrapple is different. I've had both.


A friend introduced me when I was in my 20s, and I showed my appreciation by serving him pierogi. They were not a horrible combination. 🙂

So good

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