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Hilarious ad!
ABSOLUT - The Vodka With Nothing To Hide

phxbillcee 9 Apr 21

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You need to see a German TV commercial at end of last century about the Dangers of Excesive Drinking. A guy wakes up in a submarine not remembering how he got there and have one of those one piece sleeping garment with a flap on the buttocks and guess what? The flap is open. And all shipmates in submarine seems happy to have him.


This looks like a fun place to work. One can save a lot of money on a wardrobe.


Let me know when they use a spokewoman.


Now this explains why I love Sweden so much. hehehe


Considering how Sweden seeks to disuade the consumption of alcohol it seems a little disingenuous of them to advertise it.

I didn't realize that. I guess they figure their selling for export, so what the heck!

I lived in Sweden for a few months in the late 90's and I never got the impression that they are discouraging people from drinking unless it is a more recent development. They don't have the issue with DWI because everyone uses the public transportation, at leastwise that's how it is in the Stockholm area.

@BeeHappy My sister and brother-in-law went to Sweden recently and said that alcohol was very expensive there.

@El-loco I didn't buy much while there, I'm more of Cider gal. Are you talking in restaurants or the store (government run, I forget the name of it). In either event, it never seemed to stop my work colleagues, most all were big drinkers.


Ok my favorite Vodka.

Thought Vodka was made from potatoes not wheat? Must be Russian Vodka I'm thinking of?

And this is what an actual Nudist Camp is likely to look like.... 😉

Yep, unless there's an exclusive Malibu or Beverly Hills Camp, this would be it, or worse!

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