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I am curious, does anybody have any "favorite" holiday themed movies. I have found that my favorites don't always find favor amongst many family members. Their loss.
My two favorites are: Rare Exports and Terry Prachett's Hogfather.

Beowulfsfriend 9 Nov 29

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"A Matter of Principle"


I'm hooked on the Scrooge movies


I loathe Christmas movies, apart from White Christmas, which is a soapy bit of fun. On Xmas evening I'm inclined to throw my copy on. Elsewise I might play The Court Jester from 1955 which I love to watch at Christmas, though not Xmasy. These days watching these old movies I tend to think of them as from 'Old America', before the fall of the Republic and the Dark Times. Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like Obi Wan Kenobi!


Bad Santa and A Christmas Story.


I watch all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Thanksgiving (if not several times that week). I watch Home Alone once or twice each Christmas season (couple years ago went to see it with the Cleveland Orchestra playing the music, it was amazing). There's no Halloween movie I watch every year as there are too many good ones and none that I think are so good they need to be watched every year at the expense of others, so I just watch ones I haven't seen or seen in a while. I watch Con Air every Con Air day (July 14th). That's all I can think of.


A Christmas Story is by far my favorite.


Christmas vacation

U can’t see the line Ross


I don't have many movies I traditionally watch at the holidays, but my favorite Christmas one is Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers. It's quirky, funny, fast-paced, and surprisingly sweet.


I always enjoyed “Easter Parade”. Have always been a big fan of musicals.


. . . isn't this the 'canonical/classic' one ?

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