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Why do we fall in love?

nineteen79 4 Apr 22

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Because if we are to continue as a species, something has to overcome reason.


I think it's a chemical ' Imbalance ' LOL

LOL spot on .. lobotomy!


As far as I'm concerned, it's a trick of biochemistry to make us inclined to procreate and bond long enough to care for offspring.

@ADistantShore It can be, if the dice roll in our favor. But from what I've observed and experienced, nature doesn't care about true compatibility or our genuine happiness. I liken it to trying to make healthy decisions while being drugged by our own bodies

@Some1Else Go peddle your drug someplace else.


When we see someone we like our brain disconnects from the cortex completely and all sense of previous relationship related pain, (the ex who cut off your dogs head and ate it), vanishes!!!

Without this magical chemical reaction we would have no tiny humans lol.

LOL I would have a hard time forgetting the ex that eat my dog's head. I couldn't stop laughing.

@kenriley Hehehe!! Ahh boobs do funny stuff mate!!! ;P

I made the cortex bit up it doesn't disconnect from the cortex.

Watch your dog lol !!


" My brother thinks he is a chicken "
" Why don`t you take him to a doctor and have him cured? "
" I would do but I need the eggs "


Human pair bonding.
It's part of why young kids tend to avoid other kids of the opposite sex, so that when sex hormones kick in at puberty the "discovery" of the opposite sex is even more exciting, thereby enhancing the possibility of a pair bond.
Love is a combination of this excitement mixed in with a sense of duty to keep it together when the excitement just isn't enough.
The natural state of a person depends on what stage of life they're in.
Some of us even accept and seek isolation as our norm, especially if we have a lot of abandonment issues brought on because of our refusal to conform.
Love is always conditional.


Simple. It's chemistry. In order to reproduce, humans need to form a strong bond, so hormones give you a rush that we call love.

How do one night stands and many unplanned pregnancies fit into this? I had sex with a lot of women I did not "Love". Pretty sure I'm not the only one. So, not simple.


She swallowed. ....



We fall in love because we need each other. People are so frail alone and will (and do) literally die of loneliness. Finding someone who completely enhances your life, who thinks like you, you shares your life goals and who you fancy is wonderful. Staying in love...well I am clearly the wrong person to ask about that.

I would say, we think we need each other. Why can't multiple friends be good, instead if a special someone? (Rhetorical)

@rdh2112 Because belonging matters.

Different strokes for different folks ;0)

For some people and not a tiny amount love is a very difficult concept and will never make sense in a one on one terminology due to their makeup ! So I think it's down to individuals ..

as for dying of loneliness


Dick thrived alone for 30yrs .. many do many years more. In the past this was common .. 🙂

We are not meant to be so packed in IMO !

We are all different. The love myth was sold through religion / psychology argues females (according to primate behaviour) are not meant to be monogamous strictly!!

I think the truth is somewhere in the middle 🙂

@Nickbeee Some people don't need others but they are rare.

@Amisja Yeh I am not so sure about need!! I do agree people are meant to be social and function better with loving others around em . . Cuddles are most important lol !!!

@Nickbeee hugs xx

@Amisja Hugs to you too!!! xx without cuddles everyone would be so grumpy !!

@Nickbeee I agree


I don't know, maybe tomorrow, I'll have the answer.


We are taught to by media and history. Just like monogamy, possesion. We should be taught unconditional love. Freedom.


Not everybody does.
I want to bottle it,
I know lust is a major ingredient and don't let people tell you otherwise.
Loving someone and being in love with someone are different.
One has lust.


Genetically engrained need to procreate

I see love and sex as seperate. I don't believe they are put together by nature. Nature may make us lust and have sex, but love is learned. Not needed for sex. Just my opinion.


To get to the other side of the road?

godef Level 7 Apr 23, 2018



Because of norepinephrine and dopamine.

Is that how or why ? 😉

@Nickbeee, I guess that would be how; I don't know why.

@KarenMorgan I think it's so we get more humans! but possibly a short term state of lobotomy !!! 🙂

@Nickbeee, maybe, but how many times have you fallen in love with someone who was not a good person to create another human being with?

@KlayMorMine For me that is a complex question due to undiagnosed epilepsy for forty years - so I have actively avoided having children.. I am explaining this as the question make's no sense!!! not in context of me ? Can you rephrase ? Re illustrate ?

I would have definitely, had It not been for illness be about two kids deep now. The reasons I'm not with those people is as I wouldn't have kids and couldn't explain so they got fed up of that and ran off calling me all kinds of liar! lmfao .. so try again lol

As it goes they did not turn out to be the most trustyworthy people in the end!! 🙂



You know... I specifically edited that to all lowercase letters... and now it’s capitalized. Damn you text editor! I know how to use bad english!


New Relationship Energy (NRE)

EB80 Level 5 Apr 23, 2018

Because... Science!


Yet another reward to propegate the species.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

As evidenced by a more than 50% divorce rate, we do not "fall in love." Just as in most of the other primates in nature, nature uses hormones to cause pairs to "consort" for a period of time to ensured survival of the more, no less. At some point, it is time to grow-up and realize that all those prince on a White horse are just fairy tales.


Because we are programmed to reproduce.


Clumsy, get it?


Why do fools fall in love.....The Shirells I think. It's one of Gods mysteriies.LOL


Loneliness. As herd animals we crave a herd of our own. At some point as we age our herd thins out and being alone isn't fulfilling, so we try to make a new herd. Love is born from the desire to have someone else around

Thats romantic?

@Emme really? Being compared to deer or cattle is romantic? Lol

it's more romantic than chemicals & aliens ?

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