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The inventor inspired by a near-death experience


xenoview 8 Jan 16

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I feel so ignorant. I did not know that fake medications was a thing. It sounds like it hits Africa in a pretty serious way. Glad this guy is keeping watch.


Watching the video, it doesn't appear there was anything supernatural about the invention process. The guy has lasting medical issues from fake medicines and he decided to dedicate himself to finding a remedy so others didn't suffer needlessly as he has.


It is remarkable that he was able to invent this machine. On the other hand, remember that "near death" does not qualify as anything or mean anything. I'm saying his experience was not supernatural although it did inspire him.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve had multiple supernatural experiences throughout my life. Oddly enough, they all appended on Friday or Saturday nights….

@Canndue How do you know they were supernatural rather than unexplained?

@jlynn37 Aren’t they the same? Besides, supernatural is way sexier

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