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What percent of what you see, hear or read do you think we can believe?

By JustJerry44
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On a good day 40%

kenriley Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

None in the mainstream .. Very few alternative channels too!





are a few good ones

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

Belief is not something in which a thinking/questioning person should engage. I hold no beliefs beyond the mundane we humans use to navigate the world each day. All the rest is for those who would rather not bother with the thinking process beyond what makes them comfortable.


about 20%


We did not have false/fake news until we got a false/fake President. Before news was true. Now it is about 50/50. All of Fox news is suspect.

forester Level 4 Apr 23, 2018

As much as I wish I didn't disagree, no, news has always been biased. It's just more open now. Fox news has always been liars, but the rest are biased. Always fact check. Always

The end of the Fairness Doctrine in the mid-90’s birthed Fox.


I believe it was the immortal Marvin Gaye who said “believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear.” To which Curtis Mayfield replied, “if you wanna be a junkie, wow.”

Wurlitzer Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

Empirical evidence please.


Don't believe any of it. It's all fake.

Does that apply to your post too? After all, if what you say is true, then we shouldn't believe it either. And then you go in circles....

@TerryMoseley It's the circle of life.


Maybe less that 15% if it's in the news, and that's just for science discoveries, etc.


Depends where you see, hear, or read it.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

You're way too sophisticated for this thread.

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