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Australia has ambarrass themselves. not Djokovic

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 19

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You obviously don't know much about we Aussies. Generally we just don't give a fuck and when someone tries to push us around or not comply with our laws in our country, we dig in. Then when it comes to yours or anyone else's opinion about us we have even less fucks to give, whether it's about some little prima donna whose only claim to fame is being able to knock a rubber ball over a net, or some self important little actor who thinks he can bring his dogs in without permission

It's not about a ball over the net, it about being the best one can be in life and loving it.
Your right, Aussies and Canadians hardly give a fuck about life anymore. it's bad enough that 80% spend most of their waking lives not liking what they do. Where people like Djokovic and myself love what we do our whole lives. Even if you love selling hotdogs, do it or life really sucks. Then throw in the most evil bullies of centralist and ugly Beurorates ever on this planet on us. Then force things into their bodies, tell them what work they must do, or who they can have relationship with
Or where they can travel. That's totalitarianism , people want freedom, love and work they like to do.

I worked as a Brick Mason in Perth Australia in early 70s and loved it. Toured all of Australia except NSW like Djokovic did and he donated a million dollars to the tennis youth of Australia.
I too consider living in Australia as a base. It was serious fun and people's attitude, humor and physically were a wonderful and delightful . Today like Canadian, the Aussie people have turn for the worst by communist like dictators like I experienced in working temporary in USSR. Most are obese, and a perfect killer for Covid killing 78% of the obese and 75% over 80 also prefer for stealing their pension and screw up the nursing homes and hospital in order for depopulations agenda to work. They don't want any healthy tips from people who are the best in what they do as stealing and murdering is the best they can do. Australia has tripled in Covid deaths since roll out of vaccines in July.

How stupid do they really think people are?

@Castlepaloma yada yada yada. No fucks to give 🤣🤣🤣


A good fuckery attitude, it's not for me.


Which government(s) can be shown to NOT make exception(s) for any immigrant(s)/visitors/athletes/corporations/etc. on the basis of bringing in "$$$$$$$$$$$$$" ? ? 😛


Nonsense. And it's 'Australia has embarrassED itself', if we're being grammatical. Prima donna snow flake egomaniac tennis 'stars' should be treated like anyone else. Where Australia does deserve criticism concerns rich and influential people in Australia being allowed to leave and arrive despite Covid rules, but that's an internal issue and due to the Liberal (right wing) government and its biases. But this stuck up tennis joker? He should have been sent back immediately.

That is the thing, in front of camera these G7 and billionaires who just wear a mask. Then soon after they go on their bunch of parties, dancing and hugging each other. Good times for the mafia monopoly profiteering. They get no punishment and very rarely would get a fine if unlucky. The laws are for poor people or whoever directly oppose the phony baloney agenda of one world order. Australia is a guinea pig test for the rest of the world and has Royally failed.

But he couldn't though could he because he followed the rules and was legally eligible to enter, the visa was issued. The minister chose to override Australian law by using the power of his discretion.
Why cannot people understand that if a medical procedure is made law, there will be exemptions for medical reasons..........but only if you accept science and expert medical advice I suppose. Must be frustrating when people sprout on about science and expert advice for 2 years, but when this same science expertise goes against their agenda, scape GOAT's (pun intended) must be found.
PS I do agree a bit it is an internal issue, a power play between Andrew's and Morrison to see who wields the biggest swinging di.... sorry stick


Wrong!!!! Djokovic was deported for being a cowardly dumbass........

There a big difference from playing for a living and most people loving you for it. I know from loving my sculpture business for most of my waking hour of my life. Now my sculpture industrial is canceled and can't leave my Province.
You can't master life unless you love what you do.

Then Government totalitarianism screwing most everything up and most everyone from dislike to hating them for it.

Tell me, is joy the winner or is greed and power the winner in life?

@Castlepaloma He could have avoided all of this by simply getting vaccinated, all his fellow competitors had no problem with it. Your actions have consequences so chose wisely.......


Still, most of the world population are not considered vaccinated. Not even tennis fans are watching this movement towards Madmax or hunger games freak Show.
Djokovic made the wisest choice possible , if you don't have control of your own health and freedom, one has nothing.


Murdoch will go to any lengths to tarnish this present governent, because it won't give in to his demands for even more media power. His employees at Sky News have to do what they are told, or face being fired.

Sky news is so anti Labor it is not funny. Don't know what you watch.

@puff Try AlJazeera for a start.


No shit Sherlock. Just posted what else the devious Novak has been up to in news and links.
Australia sucks dogs balls

puff Level 7 Jan 19, 2022

They don't deserve to suck a higher intelligent dogs balls.
Let them suck their own balls, if fatty can reach them.

@Castlepaloma We'll have to wait until we get permission first from Uncle Sam. "How hard do you want us to lick them?"


At least it would be an achievement of pleasure if they could lick their own balls or be a masterdebator Much better than kicking the balls of joy out of every one else. Djokovic loves his job. Where the Australian Government envy comes having the least satisfied job in the world.


Do you mean "amber wrass" , a kind of peach coloured fish, and what does a fish need a ball game for ?

Was that the novax djokument?


It damages the Australia Government Reputation

It damages Australian government's reputation in the minds of perhaps 5% of the population. To the remainder, their government's waning reputation has risen dramatically.

If I read it correctly, Djokovic now has until the middle of May to get his act together or he could be locked out of the French Open too. Oh, no.🤔


Djokovic makes $200 million a year, Between my health and money, I'd pick health every time.

Reinforces their reputation you mean.

@RichCC I think the French may protest a tad more than my piss weak fellow citizens at government over reach, this is no longer about anyone's safety.


Can't be a fan of tennis

More than 370 million viewers watched this year's Australian Open in more than 200 countries, a record world audience for the event, according to Tennis Australia's annual report.

Djokovic won 9 Australia open titles
Next best player now is Nadal who has won one title back in 2009.

Australia has 25 million population. Who is more worldwide respected? Djokovic or the Australian Government in tennis?

@Castlepaloma Tennis is boring. The vast majority of the world watch football.
I'd prefer to watch paint dry than watch tennis. Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, in fact most of the Southern hemisphere love Rugby most of all. Cricket, too, is better loved.

I guess you haven't watched vaccinated football players drop dead on the field. Not my kind of entertainment.

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