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Something in Your Eyes May Reveal if You're at Risk of Early Death, Study Shows


FearlessFly 9 Jan 20

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Don't worry about such indicators and focus instead on living healthily with lots of exercise while avoiding spending too much time sitting, because chairs are one of the biggest killers. If you want to extend your life significantly, take a look at nattokinase: this clot-busting enzyme comes from fermented soy which the Japanese are keen on (despite its disgusting taste - it smells like a dead, rotting rat), and it is likely what accounts for their longevity because it keeps their circulation in good order. []


I am too old for an early death.


Now you will have everyone looking into a mirror to check their eyes. It's like when they told you about Covid19 and not to touch your face and eyes. Everyone was doing it for a while.


I don't need to look into my eyes to know I'm at risk of an early death. I can just look down at my big fat belly. 😀


Strange look in the sight
Explaining glances
Wondering if it blights
Remaining chances
We'd be biting dust
Before the night was through

Something in your eyes
Retinas fighting
Something in your look
The wall was writing
Grating of my teeth
Told me I must eschew

Thanks for sharing this beautiful song.


Shit like this makes me so happy I lost my short-term memory. Come an hour, I'll have forgotten this.


Great. Now I'll be up all night trying to see into my own eyes. Let me ask you something; if I spot this thing should I pay this month's rent?


Hmmm . . .


Some of us don't want to know.

. . . a fair point.


. . . Silly, Random & Fun : 🙂

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