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Something serious to think about.
Is this the POTUS needed in these times of international seismic movements?There is a ban on 35's holding the office of POTUS. Why is there no upper limit?
I cannot see Joe Biden being able to complete his full term. This becomes an important question considering who the VP is, not picked for talent but because she fit the PC agenda. Then of course another geriatric, going for re-election, as the next in line for POTUS.
I hope Ukraine, Iran and Tiawan don't go off simultaneously, when a pragmatic Commander in Chief who can think quickly on their feet is needed.

puff 7 Jan 26

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I'd be fine if Biden decides not to run in 2024 and the Democrats can find someone better. Biden seems to be doing a mediocre job but I'll take another 4 years of mediocre over the absolute shitstorm of corruption and international embarrassment that was the vile human cesspool Trump.

I'm just thinking if there is a war, there will be a round table of "allies" ie European countries, the UK, Australia (we always join in), probably Canada etc.
I can't see inspiring leadership coming from Biden or Harris in this situation (or Boris, UK) which means Germany could take the lead as the most powerful in the EU. Just what Europe needs, an assertive Germany again. Don't see any Churchills or Eisenhower's this time. And this is just Ukraine, what if Iran blows up? Mediocre won't be adequate.


No moron
Joe Biden is fine, and Kamala Harris.
I suppose you liked Trump. And W.
No doubt the two worse presidents ever.
Brand dead idiot

Joe Biden is fine?
We disagree.

@puff Right. Because you're a moron

@puff "we"???????? You and Kemosabe, i guess.....


Biden is not horrible, but he is behaving as if it’s 1980 again.

In a world of rising neo-nazis, we don’t need another chamberlain….

I'm sure Biden is very nice but that is irrelevant. I fear he will miss all the nuances in the diplomacy that will be needed soon. And if replaced by Harris, won't be sighing with relief.


Also, at least get your facts straight before you post. There is no such ban, the minimum age is a Constitutional requirement. Further, the Vice President has an extensive education and stellar career which easily qualify her for the job. You are a racist misogynist whose opinion holds no significance on this subject until you post your own resume, Jethro!

"There is no such ban, the minimum age is a Constitutional requirement."
Double speak at it's best.

@puff Coming from someone who doesn't know that "it's" and "its" are two entirely different words, I am not surprised that you are unable to distinguish between bans and Constitutional requirements. You have proven that you do not understand the USA, so your opinions of its conditions are meaningless.


Judging from how the last guy sucked up to Putin, Un, and China's Xi Jinping, and other autocrats (not to mention his personal financial entanglement with Russians and the Chinese) Biden is a far superior POTUS than his predecessor. The right propaganda machine likes to portray Biden as some doddering of fool losing his mental facalties, but we have plenty of evidence to the contrary if someone cares to pay attention. trump had far more incidents of losing his mind - such as covfefe, and wandering off on the tarmac after exiting Airforce 1.

Both of my grandfather lived to a good old age. One lived to be 89 and was active with his gentleman's farm until about the last 2 years. The other lived to be 92 and was active in his VA group until about the last year. Neither of my grandfathers would be considered to have mental diminished capacity up to their last days of life. They carried on active and coherent conversations, and if it weren't for some phyical ailment, they likely would have been up and around doing some project or another.

Betty White recently died just short of 100. She too was active both in her career and in her other passions up until the end. COVID caused her to need to curb her activities, but were it not for the pandemic ....

If we want to place age limits on the POTUS, we should put them on other elected officials as well. Senators like Grassly of Iowa, McConnell of Kentucky and a number of others could all haved aged out by now.


He has dementia, not just a stuttering problem. I said that back during the primary and that's obviously the reason he's had only two press conferences in one year. But half of the voters don't care, they vote blue no matter what, no matter how demented he might be. He's an improvement over Trump, but that's only because the people pulling his strings and setting policy for him are not as evil or greedy as Trump and his people are. The only real improvement we've had with Biden has been better policy on Covid, which is exactly what I was predicting on these boards before he was elected. Man, I love being right sometimes....


By the way, even if the poll results are accurate and there is no evidence that they are, 49% of registered voters does not constitute a majority of people as claimed, which calls into question the credibility of the rest of the video.

Damn, discrediting conservatives on this website is not even a challenge.


Biden is still better than 45.
He will do whatever he needs to do.

My gym sneaker is better than 45. Biden needs to defend our democracy, not apologize to two bit magats


That is hilarious given the stooge who we just impeached and dumped after a single term. We'll be lucky if we ever recover from his mishandling of everything.


And do you think Biden was chosen for his talent? Biden is president because most Americans were sick of the last raciest piece of shit who was in there. Biden was and is the anybody but Trump for president plain and simple. He was nobody's first choice, but he was one thing and that was electable! And it got rid of the embarrasment that was there at the time. Now, let the old fart do his best until we can find someone better to replace him. And yes, he's old as dirt and he might not make it through the entire term. But we don't give a dam. And yes we're just fine with Kamala if he does kick off. So there...

Biden is president because the dnc forced him on us. Kamala is ok, but not potus material.


That would require his supporters to think more for themselves, and I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon. Same as it always was, each President had their dedicated fan base, and could not fathom the thought that their preferred candidate might not be as great as they'd like to believe he was.


Well in this country there are probably enough Q traitor surrender monkeys ready to turn over to Putin that Red Dawn would go over their pinheads. Wolverines!


Are you a Russian troll?

If I was, does that matter? You would dismiss pondering the issues I bought up? I'm sure people in the counties I mentioned are wondering along similar lines.

He did post a link from Russian Today, the Russian government network earlier.

@puff This is exactly where I stand.

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