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Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Please read and if you find the information is accurate, share. This information also supports our view.



Boricuatea 4 Feb 26

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The right mindset all religious people should have.

Ryo1 Level 7 Feb 27, 2022

The link of the website and campaign is organized and managed by BJC (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty). They recently teamed for a webinar with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Andrew Seidel from FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation). There are several videos (on Youtube) including the collaboration with FFRF.


Well stated !

twill Level 7 Feb 26, 2022

¡Hola! I can't argue with their conclusion or with any of their bullet points, and I wish them the best of luck. Just among us non-believers, though, I always find it a bit presumptuous of any Christian group to say that any other Christian group is "distorting...the Christian faith." Who are they to say, absolutely, that their version of Christianity is correct and the Christian Nationalist version is distorted? I'm sure they can find scripture to support their case, but I imagine the nationalists are every bit as adept at that game. Ultimately, the Bible is too full of self-contradictions for anyone to accept it literally in its entirety. Every Christian has to pick and choose what to believe, knowingly or not, and so every version of Christianity is, to some extent, a "distortion" of the scripture. That said, I'm sure the Christian Nationalists are far more likely to listen to another Christian than they are to the likes of me, so more power to Christians Against Christian Nationalism!


Christian Nationalism is Christian Dictatorship.

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