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With Putin Putting Defense On High Alert, So Far USA Has Not Raised DEFCON Level. It's Getting Scary.

Any Chance Putin Will Deploy Nuclear Weapons?

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barjoe 9 Feb 27

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The problem is that if we don't seriously challenge Putin he will get stronger and more emboldened. He will succeed in re-establishing the Soviet Empire, and then he will cone after the rest of Europe and the US. You know Alaska was part of Russia, and Putin wants it and more.



"Ukraine invasion: Would Putin press the nuclear button?" [] The bottom line is yes, Putin is prepared to use nuclear weapons if the West resists him in Ukraine.


Yes, there is a chance that Putin the Putrid will deploy nuclear weapons, but that does not amount to a guarantee that he will do anything so totally stupid.


I don't think he needs to to take over Ukraine.

He thinks he does.


He’s not stupid. He miscalculated this time but he knows perfectly well nukes are off the table.

I don't think he's a stupid man, I think he's a mad man.

@barjoe I agree. He’s a textbook villainous leader.

Declaring a Nuclear Alert is a clear indication that nukes are indeed on the table.

Putin has used other extreme weapons of war. So we need to be prepared to respond to his threat in kind


He miscalculated the rapid and unified response of Europe, and the gutsy resolve of the Ukranian people.
He refuses to lose face.
Therefore, like a poker player, he raises the stakes hoping other players will throw in their hands.
If that doesn't happen, he will be compelled to start using nuclear weapons - or face an ignominious climb-down, loss of political power and prosecution as a war criminal.
So what do you think?

He will climb down or give the order to launch nukes. If he orders a launch he will be stabbed in the neck by anybody in the room that has a family or loved one. My opinion.


If he has nuclear weapons, and we know that he does, there is a chance he will deploy them. My father used to say to avoid backing people into a corner.

You talking about Putin? He has the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet. Ukraine has nukes as well.

@barjoe Yep, very worrisome. Hopefully the talks will move us out of the danger zone.

Sun Tzu wrote the first milirary text book in history and he knew that is was not wise to close down all the options of your opponent. Backing someone or a state into a corner is not a wise move.

@barjoe What nukes does Ukraine have? Those emplaced by Russia had been dismantled by Russia in exchange for Ukraine's 'protection'.


@racocn8 Technically Ukraine has nuclear weapons under Russian control. Russian intelligence might not be as good as they think. I don't want to think about it. Reading this, I almost hope they don't. []


He's 70 so he's feeling his age. If he thinks his power is over and coming to an end, he may well be willing to go out in a flash. He wouldn't care if he took 7 billion people with him.


I said no because I give it a very low probability. He’s saber rattling to inspire fear. Typical bully move when backed into a corner.

The question is: Do you think he's crazy?

@barjoe Not yet. That’s why I think confrontation now is better than waiting until Alaska is declared traditionally Russian.

@Garban He's not crazy yet?

@barjoe I THINK he’s using crazy as a bluff.
He will gain crazy the longer he’s in power.

@barjoe Crazy people don’t gather supporters; they act alone.

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