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Can someone please explain libertarian philosophy in simple terms to me. I want to understand more about it

Anvesh 5 Mar 11

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In short it means to be fiscally (economics) conservative while being socially liberal, and American libertarianism itself was founded on classic liberalism. A mixture of both political sides in other words, some libertarians may lean more to the right while others would lean more to the left. It is maximum individual liberty for all members in society, and you are free to live your life as you see fit provided you do not impede upon the life of another.


I guess that clears it up. 🤷♀️ I'm more confused than every.

Betty Level 8 Mar 15, 2022

Once upon a time there was a taco. More guacamole!! More guacamole!! More guacamole!!

Word Level 8 Mar 12, 2022

There isn't a single unified libertarian philosophy, any more than all atheists share the same beliefs or unbeliefs.

The only core belief common to all is that government is overbearing and interferes with personal liberty; which, of course, is true to an extent. That's what government is for.

But, in the absence of government, right libertarians believe that people would choose to compete more often than cooperate; left libertarians believe people would choose to cooperate more often than compete. Both have a rather Utopian faith that, without government oversight, everyone would be just hunky-dory.

I'm a libertarian to the extent that I believe that government governs best, which governs least. I'm realist enough to know that some level of government is needed to coerce people to work together, where otherwise they wouldn't (public works, taxation, health and safety regulations, etc.). The rub is that every law or regulation will be found to have loopholes; every time a loophole is plugged, a new one will appear. Thus, it's better to leave most things unregulated.

The last paragraph is a non sequitur.
And a not very convincing argument for a ruthless dog-eat-dog world.

@Matias I only need to make an argument if I'm trying to convince someone. I'm not.

Au contraire. Libertarianism is an established and unified political philosophy rooted in liberty that has always been practiced as a form of conservatism in the west. These are the nuts who run around yelling "Taxation is theft!" without regard for what the Constitution says.


It's better to leave most things unregulated? Better for whom?

@LovinLarge Au contraire, there is a well-established liberal trend in libertarian thought as well.

Better for people who want to be free? I guess?

@Paul4747 Deregulation is better for people who benefit in some way from the absence of regulation, which often results in harm to the environment or something else. Regulation is intended to benefit the majority rather than the minority

What may appear to be a liberal trend is really just more anti-interventionism, i.e. they don't want the gubment to regulate the bedroom but they aren't truly gay positive because they don't support gubment initiatives to normalize the sexual spectrum.


Libertarianism is the dangerous half-truth that recognizes individual rights without recognizing group responsibilities.

skado Level 9 Mar 11, 2022

The blind spot of libertarians is that in a world consisting only of individuals there simply are no rights. Only in a society with institutions something like "property rights" can exist. In a pure Wild-West situation you can call an object "mine", but it is not your property.

@Matias You are criticizing anarchy. Libertarians believe the state should have a monopoly on force to protect the rights of the individual.


I always thought this meme sums up libertarianism pretty well:

I like it! 😂


The core idea is rather simple (expressed by Maggy Thatcher):
There is no such thing as society, there are only individuals and their families.
Because "society" is a mirage, there can be no "common good"


libertarians are just republicans who want to smoke cannabis and get laid

I have a somewhat ex-friend who is a Libertarian and this describes him well. He's also well off and hates the taxes but he was a Libertarian before being "upper middle-class" so I think it's more about fucking Democrats (his wife is a Dem and he seems to favor lib gatherings).

correction...get laid first then smoke cannabis.

@darren316 I like after, the orgasms are much more intense! and I can last much longer


I'm no expert but one thing is "I've got mine, get your own."

That's interesting

That is a typical liberal response and miss - represents libertainsm completely!!
The most basic thing you can say about libertainsm is " No one initiates force again another person"!!! Another way of saying it is " you may only use force on another person is in self defense"!

@BigMac10 Translation: You want the benefits of community without having to contribute to it.

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