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To all you anti-Trumpers. I'd like to collect specific reasons for being an anti-Trumper. I will start with his denial of global warming and ousting us from the Paris accord.

think-beyond 7 Apr 24

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You hear Evangelists saying that God put him in office...So I say to these Evangelists, in their own language, "How do you know that it wasn't the Devil who put him in office?"


I am British but I still hold a US greencard, my boys are American as is my ex. I will never live in USA again. On the whole, most Americans I met were the hardest working most generous people I have met anywhere. I say this even of the religious types. The vast majority were sensible and pragmatic. I don't know what happened, but bloody hell you deserve much much better than this. Seriously this man is a privileged entitled creep, but for his money, he would likely be in prison. The way he treats people, women particularly, is utterly shameful. I don't believe he even believes half the stuff he says himself, he says it fot his own engrandisement. I simply do not understand how that utterly despicable creature got into power. I do understand that he won on the belief that he would take away power from who people believed were a priviledged class. What he actually did was take power away from a group of highly experienced knowledgeable people and gave it to a supremely priviledged class. He has people believing that all the organisations providing checks and balances against any corrupt power (erm him) are corrupt themselves. He claims all of Obama's successes as his own all the while trying to destroy his legacy. Please please please vote him out, impeach him, imprison him. You are worth so much better than that.

Thank you, that was very well said.

Thank you so much.


Every waking minute of every day of his sorry ass life.


He's a White Supremacist who supports and enables the neo-Nazis. He is following Steve Bannon's plan to DESTROY every department in government. EVERY dept head is unqualified for their job, but their REAL purpose is destruction.


"I’m a Leninist… Lenin…wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

“Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing." -- Steve Bannon, Trump’s former Chief political strategist and senior adviser (and former Goldman-Sachs banker)

"As late as summer 2016, when Bannon was still at Breitbart and just months before he moved to the Trump campaign, he told a journalist that Trump was a “blunt instrument for us” and said, “I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.”

Apparently Trump "gets it." Once in office, Bannon made this point at the CPAC gathering: “If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction."


I think his worst acts have been filling every cabinet position he can with people that have obvious conflicts of interest. Most recently, he appointed a coal company executive as deputy of the EPA.


His position on LGBT+ rights has to be no.1 for me (though he's not as bad as Pence.)

Also the fact that he's done to politics what L. Ron Hubbard did to religion. There they both were, joking about going into politics or setting up a religion. The next thing you know, they've actually gone out and done it. It feels too much like both of them took a joke too far.


Grab them by the pussy was enough foe me. And so many more.

Is that even possible?

You need to ask trump, he's the one that said it.


He speaks in Newspeak--and people love him for it.


Just pick anything he has said or done since 2015. Anything. Each day the tone of our nation's leadership is decided on the quality of our presidents morning bowel movement.

It seems to me we are dealing with his constipation.


Trump is a Typical American......until we as citizens admit that; our Country, our Society, our Way of Life, is highly Inefficient, Ineffective, Unsustainable and Extremely Unhealthy.... we will be doomed to keep repeating the last 3,000 years of the creed that "Might makes Right"

EvoQ Level 4 Apr 24, 2018

I hate to think he's a typical american

I disagree he is not a typical American

@Amisja I wonder what area of the country you live in. I live in the deep south and its quite evident that Trump is most definitely Typical here. 90% of the white male voters voted for I love slavery Roy Moore where-as 85% of white females voted for Keep women barefoot and pregnant and their mouths shut Roy Moore........Many Many examples of Voter suppression of black voters in that election of which the black vote saved this sate from Evangelical Christian Sharia law.....Sadly so so many americans are past delusional and are mentally ill to the extreme. I considered myself one of those until this last decade. When I decided that I needed a healthy existence. .........Observation - Description - Detachment - Love Yourself - Mindfulness......

@EvoQ I am British. I lived in USA for years and have a typical American ex (who lives here too) and typical American kids


His work as a cover for people who would remove the last vestiges of democracy from the Anglosphere.

Have you heard this one: "We are not a democracy; we are a Republic." That's what FB friend had to say. OMG!

@think-beyond That's more than a bit scary, particularly as some eminent scholars on the matter agree. Corporate capture of democracy is almost total, as we in Oz are currently discovering.


Trump lies about everything. He is anti-immigration and we don't need a fucking wall.

America was built on the backs of cheap labour, robbery, exploitation and religious hypocrisy. So you had people fleeing the press gang, conscription, gaol, poverty and industrialised disease. Trump's ancestors were no different.
Hi @think_beyond, are you keeping well? Our paths have not crossed in a while. ?

Fighting a cold right now otherwise getting medical cannabis now.


He lies. He lies about the lies he told. He lies about the lies he's lying about. He lies blatantly even when he knows the rest of us know he's lying.

Some time ago I came across a philosophy that truth is a skill that must be practiced. It seems that Trump has practiced lying so much that he is now incapable of being truthful. He has lost the skill of truth and probably believes his lies.


We needed someone politically correct and understanding of the issues of America. In a time when we need reform.
We got 2 horrible options because both parties don’t actually care about the people. They care about money and controlling America. They ousted Bernie because he wanted real change.
Instead of doing what the world does with everything else and starting from scratch because both candidates were unqualified.
And the majority vote of the populace isn’t actually counted( our votes don’t matter)
We ended up with a money grubbing lier 1 percenter who has no idea what being a hard working “left” or “right” winged person even means. He doesn’t care about a single one of us.

Nice rant.

I find the propaganda interesting and the gullibility of the adult public scary.

I agree


I’m sure there must be something but right now I can’t think of a single thing I do agree with him on, so it’s a lot easier coming from that direction.

gearl Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

lol Except if you found something you do agree with Trump on, you'd hate him for it! 😛


I would like to contribute to this list his stance on the Iranian agreement. Instead of trying to cool things down in the middle east, he is heating things up. Another point is his obvious alliance with Putin. My greatest fear is that he could drag us into a war.

War yes, Syrian oil wells, Iranian oil wells both will impact Russian gas pipeline and Chinese - Iran train line. If that happens America will have both nuclear and fully manned Armies to contend with. Korea simply another potential fuse awaiting Donald's match to light it.

@FrayedBear Very scary.


His lies piled upon lies, with a pathological level of denial is truly repulsive.

Mango Unchained is a dysfunctional ego run amok. A truly vile individual.


he is a completely arrogant, stupid, self-centred, self-important. male chouvanistic. nazi.despot fucking women abusing C&%T and these are his better points. right, that's the start of my abuse finished.

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