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Gotta love it when a semi-literate person calls someone with an MA in English and a teaching credential "ignorant." Or, at least, I think he called me that.

alan davis
2 hours ago
@gwendolyn2001 you make a lot of assumptions, for some one who only, see 3% or three dimensions of the world you live. You must the the ones that evolved from monkeys. Engnarince is bless baby and your a happy camper. 😊 be happy

Gwendolyn2018 8 Mar 17

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Points for creative regional phonetic interpretation?


When I'm berating right-wingers I like to leave them wondering whether they've been insulted or not.

Same here!


Geebus, he's related to @Castlepaloma?

Could be! Or maybe Castle tutored him!

I blocked the Castleman a couple of years ago. I am not familiar with this other guy. Maybe l have blocked him too. I have blocked so many, it is difficult to keep up.

@Sticks48 I review my Blocks about once a year when I get irritated by not seeing enough is amazing how many of them have disappeared!

@AnneWimsey l have blocked around 180, only about 20 of them have been women. I haven't browsed through them in quite awhile.

@Sticks48, @AnneWimsey I blocked Castle, too. I can stand only so much BS.


In a way, it's remarkable such a dolt gets any of it right. Sucks to be him...

I had made a comment that there was no Satan--not only did he not express himself competently, but he offered no proof to the contrary! He is not only illiterate, but illogical.


Do I see David Dunning and Justin Kruger in the background there?

Why, I think that you do!


WOW, I'm not sure exactly what he said, or meant. That could go so very many ways. I don't have enough days left on this earth to be able to educate someone this backwards up to some semblance of functioning human. I just hope he spilled his seed on infertile ground.

I hope all his girlfriends swallow.

@anglophone You made me realize I had a typo. INFERTILE! He needs his DNA removed from the gene pool.

@anglophone All his girl friends you mean lefty and righty?

I think he was trying to go for the jugular, but I just laughed.


What language is that?

The language is Stupidian.

@anglophone Stupidian and Trumpidian.


I'm guessing that's a direct quote? 😀

Direct copy and paste! I started to take a screen shot, but it was easier to copy/pates.

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